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A sizzling C5 update!

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Our latest C5 update coincides with the launch of a brand-new app! C5 has had a ‘baby’ and it’s called C1 – a dedicated music discovery app that is serious competition for the likes of Shazam and Soundhound. To find out more about this ‘new baby’, that works alone, or connects with C5, visit the C1 page.

Our last update saw the addition of Deezer to our Streaming Music Services, Chromecast support and the tuning of our DLNA function to an all-time high. This update brings some time saving changes to the interface, the removal of in-app purchases and the integration with our new ‘baby’ app C1.


What’s New in update 4.4.2

Integration with C1
We’ve created a new, lightning fast music discovery app called C1. It’s free and works in combination with C5. Both apps have buttons that take you to the other app. C5 now has a ‘History’ panel which stores all the music searches you make in C1. Recognise and discover new music with C1, then enjoy the full audio visual experience in C5. Very smooth!

In-app purchases
In-app purchases are gone forever! Both versions – the Plus and the Free – now enjoy the same functionality – you’ll just have to put up with advertising if you’re using the Free version (and had not previously purchased any in-apps). We’re keeping the ads to a minimum, but if you get fed up with them you can always update to the Plus version.

If you’re using an iPad you’ll notice a time saving and convenient change – all your ‘Players’ are now in a cool pop out window on the right hand side, making it super easy to change players quickly.

We’ve improved the general responsiveness of the app, making things much zippier than before, just like tuning a sports car. We’ve also splatted a few irritating bugs.

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C1 – Lightning Fast Music Discovery

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From the developers of C5, the definitive Big Screen music & entertainment app, comes the new, lightning fast music discovery app, C1 – a serious competitor for the likes of Shazam and SoundHound. Lightning fast is no exaggeration either. C1 is a dedicated music discovery app that has no other functions to slow it down! C1 will catch and store all your music searches, even when you’re offline! Just tap the C1 button to instantly identify music. Check out related videos from your discoveries and all the latest artist news. The stylish and minimalist interface makes for an engaging, uncomplicated experience. C1 works alone or connects with C5 for the full Big Screen musical experience. Available in 12 languages.

C1 Features

• Lightning fast music recognition
• Stores your searches in History
• Works offline and reveals searches once you have internet again
• Provides related videos for each search
• Displays links to related news on artists
• Stylish & minimal interface is very easy to use
• Free to download!
• For iPhone & iPad. Available in 12 languages.

More about C1

C1 connects with C5

C5 is more than 5 apps in 1 – you can enjoy Music, Radio, Video, Music Streaming, Photos, DLNA/Chromecast/Airplay/Bluetooth
• All your C1 searches are also stored in C5.
• Play your discoveries with Rdio or Deezer
• Watch your discoveries on the Big Screen using DLNA / Chromecast /Airplay
• Share your musical finds with your friends via email, SMS, WhatsApp, Facebook or Twitter
• A button on both apps makes for instant, easy connection

More about C5

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New Creation Product – CDJ

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Creation manufactures all sorts of state-of-the-art tech products – we make technology easy to use and beautiful to behold. Our latest product is CDJ – an elegant workspace for DJing. Already endorsed by top DJs this is a serious workstation! No wires, no mess, no clutter, everything to hand.

This space saving table has a minimal and contemporary design and would suit any DJ that is interested in organising some serious sounds! It’s completely customizable with the wood and trimmings available to your personal specifications. We’ve built our first one and they are now available to order exclusively from Creation.

Take a look at the images below! Contact us here if you would like to receive more information.


New music discovery app coming soon!

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Creation 5 will soon be having a baby! Yes, that sounds silly but it’s the best way we can think of to describe it. The Creation family of apps is getting bigger! In just a few weeks a new music discovery app called C1 will hit the App Store. This dedicated app has no other functions to slow it down – so it’s light, fast and zippy! 

C1 can work in conjunction with C5 as it helps you to discover new music. It’s fast, it has a beautiful and stunningly simple interface and you can switch between the two apps with a simple tap. C5 will have a button that takes you to C1, and vice versa.

If you hear a song that you love the sound of but don’t know who it is, open C1. Press the ‘discover’ button and within seconds you will be shown the cover of the album (or single if there is no album), the name of the artist and be presented with a choice of music videos. The song will play for 30 seconds. To listen to the song in full you just need to tap the C5 button. A full history of your searches are stored in both apps.

The screen shot below gives you a sneak peek as to how gorgeous the new baby is. As soon as it hits the App Store we’ll send you a invitation to download. It’s free, of course. If you haven’t signed up for our newsletter you can do so at the bottom of the page.


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Cast away! with Update 4.4

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We’re really excited about our latest update for many reasons, but the biggest reason for our childish levels of anticipation is the fact that you can cast anything – music, radio, videos, photos – to your smart TV directly from your iPhone or iPad (or NAS) using the devilishly clever little gadget, Chromecast.


Google’s Chromecast dongle can display high-definition 1080p content using your television or monitor’s HDMI port. It connects to your home network using a Wi-Fi connection, requiring minimal setup. Unlike other devices, it doesn’t have a physical remote control or local storage. Setup and functionality is foolproof, and if you’re used to streaming content across several different devices, Chromecast is a blessing. And at 35€ ($35 or £30) it’s a blessing for your pockets as well.

We recently wrote a blog on the delights of Chromecast and looked into how easy it is to set up and use, you can check out our article here.

Music streaming with Deezer

C5 already supports Rdio and now we’ve added Deezer! Deezer lets you listen to your music wherever and whenever you want. Explore over 35 million tracks and 30,000 radio channels, create playlists and follow the artists you love. With Deezer’s high-quality audio stream, you’ll never miss a beat!

DLNA functionality

Our DLNA function has been revved up to an explosive level!

  • In the last update we gave the DLNA a major overhaul adding the ability to stream radio, which wasvery difficult to implement, technically. So difficult in fact, that we are the only app on the market that offers Net Radio using DLNA! Now, you can also enjoy local videos, local photos and YouTube videos on your Big Screen using DLNA. Life will never be the same again! 
  • We’ve also added a new window for controlling videos when using a DLNA video player, so you can now control the timeline. 
  • When you open C5 it will automatically select the last Server/Player you used. Handy!
  • If you previously had problems receiving feedback from your DLNA player, which made C5 crash or freeze, you’ll be pleased to hear that those days are over! It’s sorted!
  • For the Xbox fans amongst you, did you know that the Xbox One works really nicely as a DLNA player? Try it! Creation 5 manages it perfectly.



  • Finally! You can now control the position of the song that is playing. Zip, skip, jump, jive, forward or rewind. You now have the power!
  • C5 can now play loads more music formats than before 

General Performance

  • When you receive a phone call, the music will stop while you talk and then restart where it left off before you were interrupted.
  • In our quest to make C5 easier to use, we’ve added a fantastic new selection window for the iPhone. You’ll notice how easy it is to navigate.
  • We’ve also cleared the air and swatted some irritating little bugs.

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Creation 5 Update 4.0.3 – Share the love!

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Our new update lets you share music and videos using Facebook Messenger and Whats App, plus enjoy over 50 ready made playlists from Top Workout songs to Bond Themes to Road Trip tracks.

Share the Love

Now you can share the love with your friends and family easily and quickly through Facebook Messenger App (iPad and iPhone) or Whats App (iPhone). If you are listening to a cool track in your music library or a new song on Rdio or watching a video that you just have to share – simply tap the title, choose ‘share’ and pick the Facebook Messenger icon or the Whats app icon. If you are listening to a Net Radio station that you think would suit one of your friends perfectly, quickly and easily share the station with them in just the same way as sharing a song or video.

Playlists for Every occasion

Aside from the playlists that we have been developing for the last year – Throwback Thursday, Sunday Sessions, and Tutti Fruti we bring you a whole new selection of lists to enjoy. We will be adding to these lists weekly, so look out for more tracks each week!

28.pandora-whiteboard-sessions Pandora Whiteboard Sessions
The performances take place in front of a giant whiteboard in a common area of Pandora’s office. On the day of the show one of their designers creates a unique drawing to represent each artist on the white board, which becomes the backdrop for the performance.These sessions are mostly acoustic and there’s lots of improvising too – recycling bins become percussion instruments.
27.women-of-soul In Performance at the White House
In Performance at the White House is a series of concerts produced by WETA since 1978 and spans every administration since President Carter’s. Created to showcase the rich fabric of American culture in the exclusive setting of the nation’s most famous home. So far we have two concerts – Women of Soul and Memphis Soul, we will add a new one each week.
26.infinity-beyond To Infinity & Beyond
There’s a superhero in all of us, so grab your cape and mask and let the action begin!
25.jlo-birthday Jennifer Lopez
Sweet, sexy and sensational JLo! Here’s a 10-track playlist of her top Billboard Hot 100 hit charts based on actual performance in release-date order.
24.nile-rodgers Nile Rodgers
Co-founder of 1970’s disco-funk-soul band, Le Chic, Nile has worked and collaborated with some of the most talented artist of the past and current generations, and has established a name for himself by producing a myriad of hit songs for the likes of Sister Sledge, Diana Ross, David Bowie, Madonna, Duran Duran, and Daft Punk.
23.summer-playlist Summer Breeze
To get you in that beach-loving summer mood or to help you remember the warmth in the midst of winter, we’ve compiled a playlist of music videos filmed on the beach.
22.july-4 July 4th Party
Here’s a playlist for your July 4th celebrations!
21.glastonbury Best of Glastonbury 2014
Here is our pick of some of the best Glastonbury performances over the 5-day long weekend.
20.birthday-playlist Birthday Playlist
Surely, amongst your hundreds of friends, it’s somebody’s birthday out there today. Pick a song from this playlist and celebrate by sharing it with them. Or ‘Play All’ and enjoy the party!
19.worldcup World Cup 2014
We’ve made a party playlist with some classic football songs, some Brazilian bossa nova, some samba and some sporting anthems.
18.roadtrip Road Trip!
Pack your bags, fill the tank and let’s hit the road! A handpicked playlist for your road trip adventures.
17.dia-de-la-madre Feliz Día de la Madre
Celebra el Día de la Madre con un playlist muy especial. Dile que la quieres con música…
16.mayday May Day
We’ve downed tools to celebrate International Workers’ Day with this special playlist. Music for NOT working to.
15.jazz-day Jazz Day
In honour of this special day we’ve made a playlist with some of the greatest Jazz vocals of all time!
14.workout-playlist Top Workout Songs
By mixing the old in with the new, we’ve compiled a playlist of some of the best workout songs of all time. Whether you’re going in for spin class or out for a run, whether you’re lifting weights or taking an aerobics class, these tunes will get you grooving and moving. Happy St. George’s Day!
The English aren’t the most demonstrative nation in the world, but they do appreciate decent heroes, like their nation’s patron, the dragon slayer, St George. Here’s a playlist with some of the best English artists, past and present.
12.earthday Earth Day
Creation 5 Playlist for Earth Day 2014 – Look after the Earth, it’s the only one we’ve got!
11.easter Easter
A playlist infused with Easter traditions. New starts, fresh beginnings and a time to enjoy nature, let spring roll on!
10.mothersday Mother’s Day
A special playlist, dedicated to all the wonderful Mother’s out there 🙂 We’d be nowhere without you! St. Patrick’s Day
Happy St Patrick’s Day! In Chicago they’ve been dying the river green every year since 1962 – so pour a pint of Guinness and stick a shamrock in your cap tonight! Here’s a special St. Patrick’s Day playlist with our favorite Irish sounds.
8.valentines Valentine’s Day
February 14 – 24 hours dedicated to love, and we all need it! Here’s our specially selected Valentines Playlist with a realer, grittier style of love songs, no soppy sentimental stuff here.
7.elvis Elvis
Get rockin’ and rollin’ with this classic Elvis playlist!
6.happy Feeling Happy
We’ve made a Feeling Happy playlist – 20 feel good tracks to keep you on a high note! 🙂
5.newyear New Year
Here’s a smooth playlist to ease you into the new year – some of our favorite tracks from our SundaySessions. Christmas
This playlist is the perfect soundtrack to your winter wonderland, wherever that may be. Merry Christmas to you all!
4.mandela A Tribute to Nelson Mandela
We pay tribute to Nelson Mandela with South African music. Music that is a celebration of Mandela’s courage and enduring legacy.
2.halloween Halloween
We’ve put together a downright creepy though legendary playlist… Only for the darkest of nights James Bond
We’ve compiled a special 007 Top 10 playlist – our favourite Bond themes from the past 50 years.

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All-new design for Creation 5

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Our long-awaited iPhone update is finally here! iPad users have been enjoying the brand new Creation 5 for a few weeks and now, the iPhone also takes on a brand new interface design and some great new features.

Update 4.0 – New Features

Sleek, lightweight new interface


Our iPhone and iPad apps now share the same design philosophy. The menu has been simplified and reorganised, allowing faster and easier navigation whilst taking up less than half the memory of the previous version!

Search for any YouTube video

We’ve added more functionality to our YouTube feature! You can search for any video on YouTube without having to leave Creation 5. Just tap ‘Video’ on the main menu, tap ‘Search’ and choose the ‘YouTube Video’ option. You can save the video to your favourites, add it to a playlist or download it for offline playback.

Our YouTube feature is normally an In-app purchase costing €4.49 but as we’re celebrating our new design and over 370,000 downloads on the App Store we’re giving this feature away for FREE for a limited time period.


When you open the app or navigate the menu for the first time, you’ll be greeted by introductory tutorials, guiding you through your first steps. You can access them at any time by tapping the ‘Info’ button.

Download Podcasts

After much demand, Creation 5 now lets you download your favourite podcasts for offline playback. Tap ‘Radio’ on the main menu, then ‘Search’. Choose ‘Podcasts’ from the content options and type in the name of the podcast and search. Simply hold the title and tap ‘Download’. You’ll be able to find your downloaded podcasts in the Radio ‘Favorites’ section.

Dropbox Integration

If you have music saved on a Dropbox account, you can play it on your iPhone, the Big Screen or your sound system using DLNA or AirPlay. You can also download your music files, with their album covers and enjoy your stored music on the go!

General Improvements

· Add Music to your favourites (previously only Video). You can find these favourites in the ‘Music’ section.
· All the code has been revised to ensure Creation 5 is more robust and runs faster than ever.
· You can now find additional information in the ‘Info’ menu. We’ve added a link to our FAQs and more information on In-App Purchases.

We’re constantly striving to improve Creation 5, so if you encounter any bugs, or have any general feedback, please do contact us!