C1 – Lightning Fast Music Discovery

By April 14, 2015Press Release

From the developers of C5, the definitive Big Screen music & entertainment app, comes the new, lightning fast music discovery app, C1 – a serious competitor for the likes of Shazam and SoundHound. Lightning fast is no exaggeration either. C1 is a dedicated music discovery app that has no other functions to slow it down! C1 will catch and store all your music searches, even when you’re offline! Just tap the C1 button to instantly identify music. Check out related videos from your discoveries and all the latest artist news. The stylish and minimalist interface makes for an engaging, uncomplicated experience. C1 works alone or connects with C5 for the full Big Screen musical experience. Available in 12 languages.

C1 Features

• Lightning fast music recognition
• Stores your searches in History
• Works offline and reveals searches once you have internet again
• Provides related videos for each search
• Displays links to related news on artists
• Stylish & minimal interface is very easy to use
• Free to download!
• For iPhone & iPad. Available in 12 languages.

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C1 connects with C5

C5 is more than 5 apps in 1 – you can enjoy Music, Radio, Video, Music Streaming, Photos, DLNA/Chromecast/Airplay/Bluetooth
• All your C1 searches are also stored in C5.
• Play your discoveries with Rdio or Deezer
• Watch your discoveries on the Big Screen using DLNA / Chromecast /Airplay
• Share your musical finds with your friends via email, SMS, WhatsApp, Facebook or Twitter
• A button on both apps makes for instant, easy connection

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