Cast away! with Update 4.4

By February 1, 2015Featured, Press Release

We’re really excited about our latest update for many reasons, but the biggest reason for our childish levels of anticipation is the fact that you can cast anything – music, radio, videos, photos – to your smart TV directly from your iPhone or iPad (or NAS) using the devilishly clever little gadget, Chromecast.


Google’s Chromecast dongle can display high-definition 1080p content using your television or monitor’s HDMI port. It connects to your home network using a Wi-Fi connection, requiring minimal setup. Unlike other devices, it doesn’t have a physical remote control or local storage. Setup and functionality is foolproof, and if you’re used to streaming content across several different devices, Chromecast is a blessing. And at 35€ ($35 or £30) it’s a blessing for your pockets as well.

We recently wrote a blog on the delights of Chromecast and looked into how easy it is to set up and use, you can check out our article here.

Music streaming with Deezer

C5 already supports Rdio and now we’ve added Deezer! Deezer lets you listen to your music wherever and whenever you want. Explore over 35 million tracks and 30,000 radio channels, create playlists and follow the artists you love. With Deezer’s high-quality audio stream, you’ll never miss a beat!

DLNA functionality

Our DLNA function has been revved up to an explosive level!

  • In the last update we gave the DLNA a major overhaul adding the ability to stream radio, which wasvery difficult to implement, technically. So difficult in fact, that we are the only app on the market that offers Net Radio using DLNA! Now, you can also enjoy local videos, local photos and YouTube videos on your Big Screen using DLNA. Life will never be the same again! 
  • We’ve also added a new window for controlling videos when using a DLNA video player, so you can now control the timeline. 
  • When you open C5 it will automatically select the last Server/Player you used. Handy!
  • If you previously had problems receiving feedback from your DLNA player, which made C5 crash or freeze, you’ll be pleased to hear that those days are over! It’s sorted!
  • For the Xbox fans amongst you, did you know that the Xbox One works really nicely as a DLNA player? Try it! Creation 5 manages it perfectly.



  • Finally! You can now control the position of the song that is playing. Zip, skip, jump, jive, forward or rewind. You now have the power!
  • C5 can now play loads more music formats than before 

General Performance

  • When you receive a phone call, the music will stop while you talk and then restart where it left off before you were interrupted.
  • In our quest to make C5 easier to use, we’ve added a fantastic new selection window for the iPhone. You’ll notice how easy it is to navigate.
  • We’ve also cleared the air and swatted some irritating little bugs.

Don’t have Creation 5? Download it from the App Store!

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