Taylor Swift – Bad Blood
ft. Kendrick Lamar

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Taylor Swift debuted her highly anticipated music video for Bad Blood to deafening screams at the Billboard Music Awards in Las Vegas last night. Aside from Kendrick Lamar who plays ‘Welvin Da Great’ it’s an all-female mini superhero film, starring 18 gorgeous gals. Produced by Taylor Swift and directed by Joseph Kahn this epic action packed video sees Swift playing ass-kicking, cartwheeling alter ego ‘Catastrophe’ and the story centres around two girl gangs who wage war against each other.

The video is so jammed-packed with star power – Emmy winners, Golden Globe winners, Grammy winners, an Oscar nominee and iconic supermodels. The only other music video in history that has had more star power was Michael Jackson’s Liberian Girl (coincidentally produced in 1989) which had an incredible 30 A-list celebrities – including Steven Spielberg, John Travolta, Whoopi Goldberg, Dan Aykroyd, Olivia Newton-John and The Incredible Hulk.

Previously, Swift had revealed that Bad Blood is about a female singer – presumed to be Katy Perry – and their dispute over back-up dancers, which Perry allegedly stole from Swift. Last year Swift told Rolling Stone that Perry “basically tried to sabotage an entire arena tour. She tried to hire a bunch of people out from under me.”

Bad Blood is a remix of the original and is Swift’s 4th single to be lifted from her award-winning album 1989.

Last night Swift won 8 accolades at the Billboard Music Awards: Top Artist, Top Female Artist, Billboard Chart Achievement, Top Billboard 200 Album, Top Billboard 200 Artist, Top Hot 100 Artist, Top Digital Songs Artist and Top Streaming Song (Video).

Here’s the cast list for Bad Blood in full – each of these women chose their alter-ego’s names and personas.
Taylor Swift as Catastrophe
Selena Gomez as Arsyn
Karlie Kloss as Knockout
Kendrick Lamar as Welvin Da Great
Martha Hunt as HomeSlice
Jessica Alba as Domino
Serayah as Dilemma
Lena Dunham as Lucky Fiori
Hailee Steinfeld as The Trinity
Ellie Goulding as Destructa X
GiGi Hadid as Slay-Z
Hayley Williams as The Crimson Curse
Zendaya as Cut-Throat
Lily Aldridge as Frostbyte
Ellen Pompeo as Luna
Mariska Hargitay as Justice
Cara Delevingne as Mother Chucker
Cindy Crawford as Headmistress
Selena Gomez as Arsyn


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Sunday Sessions with Molly Moore

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Sunday Sessions this week are brought to you by LA based singer/songwriter Molly Moore, a genuine chameleon who writes songs from deep within. In her recent tracks like Natural Disaster, Hallucinating and Break, she moves seamlessly from lighter folk-influenced sounds through to darker and sometimes edgy pop that comes from a variety of influences. Her songs beckon and feed off of a large audience of diverse listeners. Although her sound is unique, if you could compare her to any star today we would say Ellie Goulding or Lana del Rey. Others have even compared her to the highly regarded 90’s singers like Suzanne Vega, Joan Osborne and Lisa Loeb. Molly’s current influences include newcomers Sam Smith and Banks.

Molly has caused quite a stir recently with her haunting, addictive track Natural Disaster. EDM Girl had this to say about it:
“Molly Moore’s track Natural Disaster is quite fantastic. Her voice is strong, and the production behind the track compliments it nicely. The chorus really sets the track apart, and gives the track a bit of edge. The lyrics are meaningful, and you can hear the life behind the words.” Take a listen below and see what you think.

As you may expect, developing these styles comes from an early age. Molly hails from the Bronx and grew up in Westchester, New York. Fast forward to adulthood and Molly has moved to Los Angeles, initially as a writer. But response was swift and her songs Ready For Love and Hollow were picked up and transformed into uncharacteristic EDM successes by Canadian Felix Cartal and veteran Dutch duo Dubvision.

Molly signed with manager Ric Aliberte and has worked with a variety of producers, mainly with Steve Dresser to help hone her sound. Molly has been working closely with singer/songwriter Brandyn Burnette (Sony ATV, with songs recorded internationally by Jake Miller, Auryn, Hedley, and others), with whom she travelled to Sweden and Norway in May 2014 on a songwriting junket for BMG.

All we can say is that we look forward to much more of Molly Moore !

Molly has chosen a beautiful smooth Sunday Session playlist this week:

1- Local Natives – Ceilings
“I’ve been a huge fan of Local Natives for a while… I love how their lyrics so beautifully capture a split moment in time and the weight/meaning of that moment. This song, to me, is about insecurities/vices and how they can capture you, but also about how the right kind of love can set you free from all of them.”

2- Rhye – Open
“This song pulls at my heart strings… It is poetry, really. A love song that reminds me of my love every time I listen. And the video is wonderful.”

3- Brandyn Burnette – I Wanna Be (Free) 
“This is a very special artist you will want to attune yourself to early on. I Wanna Be (Free) is a song I had the honor of being a part of…  Whether we are chained by stress, substances, relationships that are unsatisfying emotionally, spiritually, physically…. One thing I think a lot of people today can agree on is ‘We Wanna Be Free’.

C5 users you will find this playlist in Playlists >> Sunday Sessions

Connect with Molly

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Jennifer Lopez pays tribute to Selena

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In what was undoubtedly the most poignant moment of the evening Jennifer Lopez paid an emotional tribute to Selena Quintanilla at the Billboard Latin Music Awards which took place last week and aired on Telemundo (April 30). Huge screens on the stage played a montage of images of Selena who was tragically murdered in 1995 at the tender age of 23. Selena’s former band Los Dinos joined JLo on stage. At the end of the stunning performance, in which she seamlessly changed costumes 3 times, the 45-year old star shouted “We love you Selena,” to a standing ovation.


It was in 1997 that JLo had her big break playing the late singer in the critically acclaimed biopic – the 10th highest-grossing biopic of all time – in which an incredible 22,000 actresses were screened for the part. JLo became the highest-paid Latina in Hollywood history, earning a million dollars for her role.

It was Selena who put Tejano music on the American map and she still continues to be a force in Latin pop 20 years after her death, with six posthumous releases reaching to No. 1 on the Latin Albums chart, the most recent in 2012.


Pedro Fernandez, who co-hosted the show described JlLo’s performance as “magical”. “She has had many more triumphs in her life,” Fernandez said. “But her magical interpretation of Selena on the big screen has made a definite mark on her artistic life.”

JLo spoke to Billboard before the performance about what Selena means to her: “I felt she had a sense to live in the moment, that you’re not promised tomorrow. For me that was the biggest lesson. That affected me in my life far more profoundly than the movie did in career terms.”

JLo performed her renditions of Como La Flor, Bidi Bidi Bom Bom, Amor Prohibido, I Could Fall In Love, and her finale No Me Queda Mas.

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C5 on your Apple Watch – Update 4.6

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Our last update brought you integration with C1, our new music recognition app, got rid of in-app purchases and incorporated all your ‘Players’ into one convenient pop out window. Now with this latest update we bring you support for the Apple Watch!

Any of you lucky enough to actually have an Apple Watch will now be able to control your Big Screen experience directly from your wrist. At the time of writing there are over 3,500 apps available for the Apple Watch and C5 is the only one that gives you DLNA/Chromecast support!


Once C5 is launched on your iPhone you can take full control of your stereo system, TV or home cinema directly from your watch. You can also use all the normal controls such as volume, fast forward, pause, skip and rewind.

The Apple Watch is still in its infancy and doesn’t offer an awful lot of software, so things can’t get too clever, without reverting back to your iPhone. So for the moment we offer you Music and DLNA/Chromecast support – our other medias – Radio, Video, Photos, Streaming with Rdio and Deezer – will be coming very soon!


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See the supercars of SPECTRE in action

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There is nothing quite like a James Bond car chase and we can look forward to a spectacular chase sequence in the latest instalment of the spy thriller. Last week the city of Rome was treated to a car chase through the city streets with an Aston Martin DB10 and the Jaguar C-X75.

Neil Layton, the Action Vehicles Technical Coordinator for Spectre explained, “We have taken delivery now of 8 Aston Martins. These are bespoke, these have been specially built for this film.” It’s the 50th anniversary of Bond’s use of an Aston Martin which first started with Goldfinger when Sean Connery drove the iconic DB5 (pictured below). Aston Martin have stated that they are working closely with Director Sam Mendes in order to create “the ultimate car for the world’s most famous spy”.


The video below shows some fantastic behind-the-scenes footage of what we can expect when 007 (Daniel Craig) clashes with Mr Hinx (Dave Bautista). Stunt Coordinator, Gary Powell, commented, “We have the Aston Martin which is obviously a classic design, smooth, fast car and then we have Hinx who’s a beast of a character in a beast of a car which is the Jaguar C-X75.”

Director Sam Mendes says: “I love the idea of this fantastic car being in a one-on-one battle with another incredible car from Jaguar, which is similarly extraordinary actually. So it’s a cat-and-mouse game through the night time streets of Rome, at great speed, between two of the fastest cars in the world, neither of which you’ll have ever seen before.”

Producers have yet to reveal what gadgets the Aston Martin DB10 will be fitted with. The models exact specs are being kept under wraps as it is thought that the car is a “nod to future designs” and naturally Aston Martin want to keep the machine as far away as possible from the eyes of rival firms.


Information leaked from the production company points to the fact that unfortunately, one of the cars may end up in the Tiber, although this scene has not been shot yet.

Spectre hits cinemas on November 6, 2015.

To watch this video in C5, just tap here.

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Tried & Tested: Top 10 Apple Watch Apps

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At the time of writing this article there are now 3,408 approved apps for Apple Watch and the number is increasing daily. With so many to choose from it’s difficult to know where to start. We present here our tried and tested apps – 10 apps that we now can’t live without – a bit of an exaggeration, but you know what we mean!

1 – Twitter (Social Networking app)
Twitter is beautifully simple and engaging on the Apple Watch. The small screen suits the 140 character limit perfectly. We prefer using Twitter on the watch than on any other device. You can view tweets, mentions and favourites and check trends really easily. It’s dead easy to deal with notifications and simple to follow someone who has just followed you. Also recommended: Facebook and Instagram


2- C1 (Music Recognition)
You might see this as blowing our trumpet because we developed it… but hey, we love it! We use it all the time! It’s way better than going through the embarrassment of talking to Siri and letting the world know how uncool you are because you don’t recognise the song that’s playing. And it’s a lot cleaner and far more beautiful than Shazam. C1 has basically one function – to tell you what music is playing. It also gives you related videos, artist info and stores all your searches in history. If you are a C5 user you can then play the song on your stereo system or on the TV using DLNA / Chromecast. Find out more here.


3-Dark Sky (Weather app)
There is a weather app that comes bundled with Apple Watch but it’s very cluttered and we didn’t enjoy using it as it was too complicated. In Dark Sky everything is stripped right back and you are left with just the basic, important information like temperature, a basic written forecast and the all-important rainfall prediction for the next hour or so. It’s very accurate- 90% of the time we found it to be telling the truth!


4-Calcbot (Calculator)
We can’t believe that Apple didn’t include a calculator! Obviously, they are all far too clever in California to need such basic things. There is not really much to say about Calcbot except that it’s an excellent calculator. They’ve also thrown in unit conversions for temperatures, weight, lengths and more. Very handy for us thickos!


5- Currencies and Exchange Rates
Very handy when you are travelling as you can instantly check exactly how much money you are really spending. You can convert 160 different currencies into the currency of your choice. All you have to do is to tell Siri to “Launch Currencies”. Simples.


6-Quote of the Day (Inspiration)
We all need a daily dose of inspiration and the dose provided by Quote of the Day is highly shareable and quotable! We love the way you can quickly add a gorgeous image to a quote and share it with your friends. It’s so stylish! You can also save your favourites in a personal gallery and look through them when you are having a really bad day.


7-Night Sky Pro (Stargazing)
Night Sky Pro has long been a favourite app of ours. Come on, how cool is it to point your device to the sky to see what stars, planets and constellations you are looking at? Awesome fun! With the Apple Watch app you get live push notifications for ideal stargazing times. You can check out the stargazing clock and see exactly what’s around you. The interface works surprisingly well on the watch format and is simple to use. It’s also educational and virtually impossible to put down. We love it! Very impressive when you are dining out under the stars with friends.


8-Breaking News
Well, it’s not a fun app because news is hardly ever fun these days, but it’s very handy and you can tailor it to suit you, for stories that break near your location/country for example. Sources of news are trustworthy and delivered the moment they break.


9-Ticker (Stocks and Shares)
We like a little flutter now again – we’re not serious investors but do like to keep an eye on the markets. This stocks portfolio manager is pretty cool for investors on the move. It’s dead easy to view your stocks lists and portfolio. We like the feature that allows you to resume your viewing where you left off. So if you check out a particular stock on your Apple Watch, you can view exactly the same screen when you pick up your iPhone hours later.


10- Boiled Egg Timer
This is superb! We’ve never been able to get our eggs cooked perfectly, but with this app we’ve finally succeeded! You can select the size of your egg, define how runny or firm you’d like the yolk and then do whatever you like until the app alerts you. The interface is clean, simple and bright. This is one app we certainly can’t do without – not now that we’ve enjoyed such yolky perfection!


Other recommended apps that we didn’t include in this list are the airline ones – we use the British Airways one (because we always fly British Airways whenever possible) but there are loads of good airline apps out there. They let you see a summary of your next flight, flight number, departure time, flight status and even the weather at your destination.

The Tonight Show
Obama Expressions

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Jimmy Fallon has hosted The Tonight Show since February 2014 and consistently produces a hilarious show. He certainly has a knack for capturing and naming some of President Obama’s facial expressions.

Last week, Fallon unveiled the another edition of the Obama Expressions: “President Obama is obviously on the news a lot lately – there’s been tons of photos of him and the thing I’ve noticed is that he has a very expressive face. He has thousands of different facial expressions, one for every occasion. We all know the classics like this one – “The Determined Yet Hopeful” –


“There’s a lot more that you just don’t see that often which means it’s time for another edition of Obama Expressions!

To watch the video below in C5, just tap here.

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Sunday Sessions with The Maine

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Sunday Sessions this week comes from the heart of Arizona, USA, where the all-American, 5-man alternative rock band, The Maine, are making waves and claiming their space in the industry. We have an awesome playlist from them this week!  The Maine is John O’Callaghan (vocals), Pat Kirch (percusion), Kennedy Brock (guitar, vox), Garrett Nickelsen (guitar) and Jared Monaco (guitar).

The Maine are now in their eighth year together. They have 4 full-length albums under their belt including their major label debut album Black & White, released in 2010. They dabble in many areas of the music industry having recorded and produced their own EP Imaginary Numbers in 2013.


Their 5th studio album – American Candy – was released at the end of March via 8123 and it’s a collection of tight, catchy songs that will remind fans why they fell in love with The Maine in the first place. Frontman John O’Callaghan said of the album: “A sort of innocence resounds throughout it that to me is reminiscent of our headspace in years past. We set out to bounce things a bit more sonically and produce a record that has an energy throughout. I believe this record has birthed a rejuvenated and optimistic outlook on life that we can only hope is evident and contagious within the 8123 family.”

The lead single from American Candy is English Girls – check it out below:

The band have been plane hopping across the globe performing as headliners and support roles for the likes of Taking Back Sunday, Anberlin, A Rocket To The Moon and Augustana to name a few. The band has made numerous festival appearances including The Vans Warped Tour, Bamboozle and SXSW. They are currently on their American Candy Tour which finishes May 16 in Orlando, Florida.

The fiery five are recognised within the industry for the close relationship they maintain with their fans – many of whom are now college age and have grown up alongside the band. Their loyal and tight knit fan base is a sure indicator of a fruitful career.

John O’Callaghan chose our Sunday Sessions this week:

1-Beach Slang – American Girls & French Kisses
“Occasionally a band will come along and make me fall madly in love with music all over again. Beach Slang has done just that and has been consistently spinning since I discovered them. I need their new full length to be out now!”

2-Miguel – Coffee
“I really dug Kaleidoscope Dream, and I’ve been fervently anticipating the next LP Miguel will release this year (hopefully). He has released 3 tunes via SoundCloud, and “Coffee” has me thinking that whatever is to come, whenever it comes, will be well worth the wait.”

3-The Japanese House – Still
“Many of my religious visits to the hypemachine blog rarely leave me with tracks that move me like “Still” has. I know nothing about this group other than the fact that google-ing them won’t get you anywhere and they write great songs. Can’t wait to hear what’s to come from The Japanese House and thanks to them I now know what suburban housing looks like in Japan.”

Connect with The Maine:  Website – Twitter  – Facebook  – Instagram

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Rihanna strips off for V Magazine!

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It’s RihannaRama! If you’re not quite in the summer mood yet these semi-NSFW photos of Rihanna should help. V magazine’s Summer 2015 issue features pages of Rihanna in a sizzling hot photo shoot. The Bad Girl of Pop dons a blonde platinum wig, chalky blue eyeshadow, long thick eyelashes, bubble gum pink lipstick, orange nail polish and… not much else for these fantastic retro pin-up images.

Shot by high-flying photographer Steven Klein and styled by Carlyne Cerf de Dudzeele, RiRi is a tanned goddess oozing self confidence and sexiness, even with this completely new look. In some of the photos she dons sheer luxury swimwear matched with colourful furs and cheeky shorts that show off her curves. This is fun-fashion and RiRi completely killed it!



Inside the issue Rihanna discusses her highly anticipated new album, social media, her latest singles and many other issues. Here are a few juicy excerpts:

Rihanna shot back at those who criticized her for “taking time off”: “I didn’t actually take time off. The past two years are the hardest I’ve ever worked,” she said, pointing out that she’s been at work on several projects, including two albums, the animated movie “Home,” a summer tour and her first annual Diamond Ball, which she launched in December.

On her privacy issues: “Do I even give a dick about that anymore?”


On FourFiveSeconds: “The thing that made me fall in love with [‘FourFiveSeconds’] is the juxtaposition of the music and the lyrics. When you read the lyrics it’s a completely different song than what you are hearing. The music is easygoing, but the lyrical content is very loud and in your face. In performing this, the key was to make sure the aggression wasn’t lost.”

On her upcoming eighth album: “Dude, I’m in love with my interludes. This one called ‘James,’ joint is on constant repeat. [The album is] soulful and aggressive, whether it’s lyrically, musically, or just the tone of my voice.”


On her social media impact: “I run away from anything that does not stimulate me. I often find myself gravitating toward the underground. There is a certain creative freedom there that you can’t experience anywhere else.”

The summer 2015 issue of V Magazine, V95, will ht the newsstands on May 7. Click here to pre-order via the magazine’s official website. On the same site you can also order a Deluxe Edition Box-Set of the Summer Issue which features a case covered with Steven Klein’s explosive RiRi photographs, a copy of V95, and three different mystery posters created by Klein, Bess NYC, and Slava Mogutin.



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A sizzling C5 update!

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Our latest C5 update coincides with the launch of a brand-new app! C5 has had a ‘baby’ and it’s called C1 – a dedicated music discovery app that is serious competition for the likes of Shazam and Soundhound. To find out more about this ‘new baby’, that works alone, or connects with C5, visit the C1 page.

Our last update saw the addition of Deezer to our Streaming Music Services, Chromecast support and the tuning of our DLNA function to an all-time high. This update brings some time saving changes to the interface, the removal of in-app purchases and the integration with our new ‘baby’ app C1.


What’s New in update 4.4.2

Integration with C1
We’ve created a new, lightning fast music discovery app called C1. It’s free and works in combination with C5. Both apps have buttons that take you to the other app. C5 now has a ‘History’ panel which stores all the music searches you make in C1. Recognise and discover new music with C1, then enjoy the full audio visual experience in C5. Very smooth!

In-app purchases
In-app purchases are gone forever! Both versions – the Plus and the Free – now enjoy the same functionality – you’ll just have to put up with advertising if you’re using the Free version (and had not previously purchased any in-apps). We’re keeping the ads to a minimum, but if you get fed up with them you can always update to the Plus version.

If you’re using an iPad you’ll notice a time saving and convenient change – all your ‘Players’ are now in a cool pop out window on the right hand side, making it super easy to change players quickly.

We’ve improved the general responsiveness of the app, making things much zippier than before, just like tuning a sports car. We’ve also splatted a few irritating bugs.

Download the press release:

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