A sizzling C5 update!

Our latest C5 update coincides with the launch of a brand-new app! C5 has had a ‘baby’ and it’s called C1 – a dedicated music discovery app that is serious competition for the likes of Shazam and Soundhound. To find out more about this ‘new baby’, that works alone, or connects with C5, visit the C1 page.

Our last update saw the addition of Deezer to our Streaming Music Services, Chromecast support and the tuning of our DLNA function to an all-time high. This update brings some time saving changes to the interface, the removal of in-app purchases and the integration with our new ‘baby’ app C1.


What’s New in update 4.4.2

Integration with C1
We’ve created a new, lightning fast music discovery app called C1. It’s free and works in combination with C5. Both apps have buttons that take you to the other app. C5 now has a ‘History’ panel which stores all the music searches you make in C1. Recognise and discover new music with C1, then enjoy the full audio visual experience in C5. Very smooth!

In-app purchases
In-app purchases are gone forever! Both versions – the Plus and the Free – now enjoy the same functionality – you’ll just have to put up with advertising if you’re using the Free version (and had not previously purchased any in-apps). We’re keeping the ads to a minimum, but if you get fed up with them you can always update to the Plus version.

If you’re using an iPad you’ll notice a time saving and convenient change – all your ‘Players’ are now in a cool pop out window on the right hand side, making it super easy to change players quickly.

We’ve improved the general responsiveness of the app, making things much zippier than before, just like tuning a sports car. We’ve also splatted a few irritating bugs.

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