Experience the Big Screen like never before!


Revolutionise your home cinema experience with the Creation Joystick. Occasionally a product comes along that seems so obvious in its simplicity that you wonder why nobody ever thought of it before. The Creation Joystick is one of those products. Built into the armrests of Creation Cinema and TV Chairs, the Joystick is concealed within the chair when not in use, gliding silently to its raised position when needed. The Joystick easily adjusts the chair’s built-in motors to your optimum viewing position.

The Creation Joystick integrates with your home control system to manage your Cinema room through the simple Control 4 Interactive Menu. All you have to do is access your favourite movie and recline to your preferred position. Watching movies has never been so comfortable!

Combining beautiful styling with intuitive functionality

  • Offers a unique interface for Home Integration
  • High-quality Aluminium finish with different colour options
  • Optional Swarovski finish
  • Back-lit buttons for Home Theatre operation
  • POE – power over ethernet – 1 Cat5E cable
  • Control of seat motors and On Screen Menu

“The Joystick will revolutionise your viewing experience”