TV Chair

The most luxurious seating experience.


The Creation TV Chair is hand-crafted using the finest materials available with a choice of the softest Italian leather to provide the most luxurious seating experience you will ever have. This, combined with the quietest motors, hand-stitched leather finishing and world-class design, underlines our commitment to your comfort.

Ergonomically designed to ensure optimal comfort and support, every Creation TV Chair has been developed to provide maximum comfort. Using the latest in rechargeable battery technology, the motors operate for long periods enabling the chair to be placed anywhere in the room. The Creation Joystick can be installed into the armrest to provide control of the chair motors and also manage the Control 4 On Screen Menu, if this is a feature of your system.

The finest materials and the latest technology

  • 3 Motor controls for maximum comfort
  • Rechargeable battery technology
  • Metal Frame construction
  • Contemporary design
  • Finest quality materials
  • Carbon Fibre and Alcantara Finish options available

“Hand-stitched leather finishing and world-class design”