New music discovery app coming soon!

By February 27, 2015Press Release

Creation 5 will soon be having a baby! Yes, that sounds silly but it’s the best way we can think of to describe it. The Creation family of apps is getting bigger! In just a few weeks a new music discovery app called C1 will hit the App Store. This dedicated app has no other functions to slow it down – so it’s light, fast and zippy! 

C1 can work in conjunction with C5 as it helps you to discover new music. It’s fast, it has a beautiful and stunningly simple interface and you can switch between the two apps with a simple tap. C5 will have a button that takes you to C1, and vice versa.

If you hear a song that you love the sound of but don’t know who it is, open C1. Press the ‘discover’ button and within seconds you will be shown the cover of the album (or single if there is no album), the name of the artist and be presented with a choice of music videos. The song will play for 30 seconds. To listen to the song in full you just need to tap the C5 button. A full history of your searches are stored in both apps.

The screen shot below gives you a sneak peek as to how gorgeous the new baby is. As soon as it hits the App Store we’ll send you a invitation to download. It’s free, of course. If you haven’t signed up for our newsletter you can do so at the bottom of the page.


Don’t have Creation 5? Download it from the App Store!

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