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Top 10 July Festivals 2014

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OPEN’ER FESTIVAL, July 02 – 05, 2014, Gdynia, Poland

Open’er Festival, first hosted in 2002, has seen the likes of Prince, Coldplay, Bon Iver, Arctic Monkeys, Rihanna, Mumford & Sons, Kendrick Lamar, and many more, rock it’s 3 main stages. Set in old war bunkers on an old Polish airbase in Gydnia, on the Baltic Sea, with at least 60,000 music lovers rocking under the (moonlit) radar, Open’er has managed to maintain its niche-and-undiscovered-feel, despite all its awesome features. Open’er Festival has been referred to as ‘a low-cost Glastonbury’, with fashion shows, silent discos, pop-up avant-garde art installations, graffiti, experimental film screenings, kid zones, libraries, crowd-surfing, and great line-ups on offer.

• Surrounding the outskirts of the airfield are the 3 main stages:
1. Open’er Stage – Top acts
2. Hear & Now Stage – Quirky bands
3. Beat Stage – Electronic music
• Behind the stages are the food stalls, alcohol vendors, and merchandise stands.
• The music begins everyday at 4pm, which means late-night party-goers can have a lie in, mong-out at the beach and recharge their batteries for another night of raving.

• No piggy-backing allowed, as to not block other Open’er’s from seeing the bands on stage.
• No drinking on the dance-floor, for a purely music-infused mash-up! Alcohol-infused mischief happens behind the stages, in the food and drink area.

For more info:

48th MONTREUX JAZZ FESTIVAL, July 04 – 19, 2014, Montreux, Switzerland (Play this video in Creation 5)

Montreux Jazz Festival is located on the beautiful Lake Geneva at the foot of the Alps. The multi-cultural music fest, also known as ‘The Pearl of the Swiss Riviera’, is one of Europe’s most prestigious music events of the year. Its legacy hums the words ‘music’, ‘cosmopolitan’, ‘collaboration’, ‘sophistication’ and ‘environment’, and paints a picturesque image of a lake, mountains, palm trees, tropical flowers, and sunset promenades. With its fusion of hip-hop, acid jazz, techno, indigenous African bands – basically any ‘music with a soul’ – roughly 200,000 music connaisseurs flock their way over to exchange an up-close and intimate moment with the diverse array of artists on show, from emerging talents to those at the heights of their careers, from Prince to Ben Harper, from Sting to Joe Cocker.
• Montreaux still has ‘street cred’ within the artist community.
• There are boats on the lake dedicated to salsa & samba.
• You can enjoy long sunset walks along the promenade.
• Each venue is a short walking distance to the next.
• It’s original location, the old Montreaux Casino, caught fire and burned down in 1971 while Frank Zappa was performing. This event inspired the song ‘Smoke On The Water’ by Deep Purple.

For more info:

NOWHERE, July 08 – 13, 2014, Spain
Located near Zaragoza, in the north-east of Spain, kind of in the middle of ‘nowhere’, is an ‘experiment in participation and creative freedom’. The global gathering centered on art is an extension of Burning Man, built on the same 10 principles, of which one of the most important principles is immediacy: so say goodbye to your phones, take a deep breath, let go of your inhibitions, feel the essence, and let the magic reign. Apart from the vital need to own a pair of earphones to tune down the blasting music, many members of the community see Nowhere as a place to grow and connect. Art, healthy-living and personal-growth workshops can be found within the self-built commune. Surrounding the event is an international and participatory feel, tied to a deep sense of idealism, leaving you with a zealous desire to change the world.

For more info:

EXIT FESTIVAL, July 10 – 13, 2014, Novi Sad, Serbia (Play this video in Creation 5)

Exit Festival takes place in a beautiful and historic 17th Century fortress on the banks of Danube – an idyllic location to launch an eclectic all-night/every-night music festival. Exit was originally organized by university students to protest against Slobodan Milosevic’s government and to alter his awful politics. The word exit was taken from a slogan recalling Milosevic’s regime: “exit at 10 years of madness”. The festival was created as a catalyst for change and as a cathartic way for the Serbian people to collectively heal through the power of music. With its radical politics, medieval setting, and incredible line-ups, enhanced by the incredible natural acoustics brought about by the stonewalls, Exit has become one of the most popular festivals in the world.
• The music on offer at Exit ranges from mainstream acts to underground electronica, metal, punk, experimental, and more.
• While the Main Stage (mainstream) attracts 30,000 attendees, the Dance Arena (electronica) attracts 25,000 ravers.
• Although headliners end at 12pm, Exit-ers can attend the ‘after 2am’ dance raves.
• Other stages include the Explosion Stage (rock, metal, punk), Fusion Stage (up-and-coming) and Suba Stage (experimental).
• There are ‘chill-out’ zones dotted around the village, with hammocks, shade and chairs.
• There is also a sports arena and an open-air cinema.

For more info:

LATITUDE FESTIVAL, July 17 – 20, 2014, Henham Park, Suffolk County, UK (Play this video in Creation 5)

Described as “entering Narnia”, Latitude is an award-winning, family-friendly, camping-oriented music and arts festival, so great, it’s regarded as one of the cultural highlights of the festival season. Set amongst fields of multi-coloured sheep, a fairy-lights-scattered wood, and a gondola-filled lake, Latitude is more than just a music festival with a great line-up. It offers a taste of everything for everyone, including film, music, comedy, literature, theatre, poetry, and more. Also known as Britain’s ‘middle-class’ festival, Latitude changes its theme every year. This year, the theme is ‘secrets’ and the heart of the matter is to explore the intricate relationships between the private and public worlds of individuals, communities and society as a whole.
• Stages: BBC Radio 6 Music Stage, Lake Stage, Oblisk Arena, and i Arena.
• Music: A mixture of mainstream, obscure, experimental and eccentric.
• There are hidden DJ performances in the woods and an opera by the lake.
• There is a family campsite with 24h security, bathrooms, showers, etc.
• There is a Children’s Arena, which is a festival in itself!
• There is an Inbetweeners Arena for teens.

For more info:

WANDERLUST, July 17 – 20, 2014, Squaw Valley, California, US (Play this video in Creation 5)

Wanderlust is a festival created for the holistically-minded and health-conscious, interested in nourishing their mind, body and spirit. What a perfect way to disconnect from the madness, with daily yoga classes, live music, farm-to-table food, inspirational speakers, outdoor adventures, paddle-boarding, surfing, healing vibes, and a beautiful natural setting overlooking Lake Tahoe.

For more info:

BENICASSIM, July 17 – 20, 2014, Valencia, Spain
Due to its close proximity to the beach, Benicàssim attracts a young and party-oriented crowd, seeking a fun-loving, music-craving, sun-kissed weekend, with live music blasting from 5pm-8am. Benicàssim is considered to be one of the best festivals on the international festival circuit, with a line-up that mostly focuses on mainstream pop, rock and electronica acts, and with short films, fashion shows and art on offer.

For more info:

MELT!, July 18 – 20, 2014, Grafenhainichen, Germany (Play this video in Creation 5)

Melt! is an ‘industrial-meet-electronic’ music festival located amidst giant machines and monuments from the machine age, within the industrial museum of Ferropolis. Showcasing some of the best European Tech DJ’s (nearly 100 of them) on a backdrop of colourful lighting, disco balls suspended from trusses and flame-throwing cranes, the ‘Dance City of Iron’ never sleeps. The weekend-long party-festival-fever, spread across 6 floors, has seen the likes of Laurent Garnier and Richie Hawtin set fire to the stage.
• Located on Lake Gremmin, you can take a dip and soak up the sun at sunset, whilst watching the Beach Stage.
• Stages: Main Stage (indie, techno, house – from 3pm to 7am), Sleepless Floor (open around the clock until Monday morning), Gemini Stage, Big Wheel Stage, Intro Zelt Area, Beach Stage.
• Melt! took home the best medium-sized festival award in 2013

For more info:

FUJI ROCK FESTIVAL, July 25 – 27, 2014, Mount Naeba, Japan (Play this video in Creation 5)

Fuji Rock Festival, powered by solar energy and biodiesel, aims to be ‘the cleanest festival in the world’, inducing a huge recycling awareness within the grounds and encouraging members to think about social issues. Located amidst a flawless mountain forest in the Noeba Ski Resort, one of Japan’s biggest ski resorts, Fuji Rock hosts the largest music event in the land of the rising sun, with 100,000 to 150,000 festival-goers. The festival showcases the best of local and international bands and DJ’s across their many stages: Green Stage, Red Marquee, White Stage, Orange Court, Field of Heaven.
• Green Stage (40,000 attendees) has large screens dotted around the venue.
• Red Marquee is the only indoor stage, with room for only 5,000 people. It comes alive at night, with dance acts and DJ’s playing till dawn.
• The Stoned Circle provides drumming lessons for everyone.
• The Forest Broadwalk Trail takes you from stage to stage, with hammocks and quirky sideshows hidden away in the forest.
• The main attraction is the Dragondola cable-car, the largest gondola lift in the world. It takes you 5km up to the top and has spectacular views overlooking the site.
• Oasis provides an array of international cuisines, eg. African, Hawaiian, Japanese.
• There’s a Kidsland and a Nursing Space.
• There’s even a natural hot spring spa!!

For more info:

SPLENDOUR IN THE GRASS, July 25 – 27, 2014, Byron Bay, Australia (Play this video in Creation 5)

Splendour In The Grass doesn’t feel like a music festival. Instead, it feels more like a “country fair on steroids… with great headliners for good measure”. The hip and groovy music festival, parked on Byron Bay’s sandy beach, offers heaps of super popular music, DJ’s, crafts, food-trucks, smoothies, yoga, meditation, teepees, pop-up shopping malls, art installations, massages, workshops, kids areas, spa activities, circus performers, and dancing under the stars at the moonlight fire show. The Global Village surfer’s paradise puts forward a variety of music in different venues, some of which incorporate food directly into the music experience, with mariachi bands and margaritas (Mexican Cantine) and cocktails on the dance-floor (Smirnoff Cocktail Bar).
• For it’s charitable cause, the fest donates money to schools on an annual basis.
• Splendour has been granted the Greener Festival Award for its various sustainability initiatives.
• Amongst its many stages is a busker stage, supporting local talent.
• For those of you with kids, Little Splendour will keep them occupied.

For more info:


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Ed Sheeran – ‘X’

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The young, shaggy-looking busker from Suffolk turned multi-platinum selling singer-songwriter, Ed Sheeran, once again emerges from the dusk, shimmering in golden lights. It’s been 3 years since Sheeran dropped his debut album ‘+’ (Plus), spurring international hits such as ‘The A Team’, ‘Give Me Love’, ‘Lego House’, and taking the world by storm. The 23-year-old acoustic/folk/pop sensation is loved and praised by many a million, all of whom have been waiting to get their hands on his highly anticipated sophomore album ‘X’ (Multiply).

Indeed, following the launch of his mixed bag of musical material on his soon-to-be blockbuster of an album, released yesterday (June 23, 2014), Sheeran will be multiplying his fan base. The ‘X’ (Deluxe Edition) is already at #1 in the UK iTunes Charts, with ‘X’ falling just behind at #2. With groovy upbeat tracks, mid-tempo tunes, classic Ed Sheeran-esque acoustic ballads, and raw, intimate and emotional lyrics, brought to life by charming and stunning vocals, the lovely English boy is set out to not only serenade us all, but to take us on a roller-coaster ride of emotions. Whilst still staying true to himself, Sheeran pushes the boundaries tied to his name, broadens his horizons and adds a new direction to his sound.

‘One’ (Play this video in Creation 5)

The album’s opening track is a chill-giving, heart-wrenching lamentation of having found ‘the one’, losing her, and yet still hoping that one day she’ll find her way back to you.

“Tell me that you turned down the man/ Who asked for your hand/ Cause you’re waiting for me/… Would you take away my hopes and dreams and just stay with me?”

With music and video production stripped down to a bare minimum, stunning raw vocals, and emotionally piercing lyrics, Ed Sheeran sure knows how to capture his audience.

‘One’ is at #20 in the UK iTunes Charts.

‘I’m A Mess’ (Play this video in Creation 5)
Sheeran is not the type of artist to release anything that sounds remotely close to a glossy, auto-tuned pop song. The secret of his success lies in his simplicity, authenticity and intimacy. He aptly manages to make each and everyone in his audience feel as if he were singing to them and them alone.

‘Sing’ (Play this video in Creation 5)

Ed Sheeran’s single ‘Sing’, co-written and produced by Pharrell Williams, has secured #1 on the UK Top 40 Singles Charts. Many critics have dissed the song and have compared it to Justin Timberlake’s “Like I Love You” (also produced by Pharrell). Indeed, Sheeran justifies this by saying “It was pretty close to a direct inspiration” and admits to having been influenced by ‘Justified’ and ‘FutureSex/LoveSoul’. No wonder the song is a hit. It’s upbeat, it’s groovy, it’s rhythmic, and it’s so much fun! Yes, it has Pharrell written all over it and yes, it has a JT-esque vibe to it. What’s wrong with that?

‘Don’t’ (Play this video in Creation 5)

Sheeran isn’t afraid to speak the truth or to give the world a front seat look into his personal life as he reveals explicit details about a relationship gone sour due to touring and distrust. In his piano-heavy, jazz-like song, Sheeran raps the lyrics to an anguishing tale of betrayal: “I never saw him as a threat/ Until you disappeared with him to have sex, of course”. Perhaps he found inspiration from his touring partner, Taylor Swift, and learnt to wear his heart on his sleeve and to take his anger out in song. ‘Don’t’ is at #8 on the UK iTunes Charts.

‘Photograph’ (Play this video in Creation 5)

Here’s a pop ballad that carries a beautifully uplifting image of what love can be. Sheeran’s stunning falsetto voice conveys a heartfelt love song, filled with layer upon layer of warm whispers and harmonies. ‘Photograph’ is at #5 on the UK iTunes Charts.

‘Bloodstream’ (Play this video in Creation 5)

Sheeran sings about drowning his sorrows with wine and waiting for the chemicals to react. In a dark-themed and guitar-heavy melancholic track, Sheeran sings: “I’ve been looking for love/ Thought I’d find her in a bottle/ God, make me another one/ I’ll be feeling this tomorrow/ Lord, forgive me for the things I’ve done/ I was never meant to hurt no one… Broken heart, tell me when it kicks in”. ‘Bloodstream’ is at #16 in the UK iTunes Charts.

‘The Man’ (Play this video in Creation 5)

Fearless lyrics and a fantastic chorus! ‘The Man’ goes to show just how versatile Sheeran can be. It’s intimate, soulful and dynamic. What’s more, Sheeran’s rap skills are off the hook! ‘The Man’ is at #11 on the UK iTunes Charts.

‘Thinking Out Loud’ (Play this video in Creation 5)

This classic Sheeran ballad is a lovely little love song. It’s sweet and smooth and highlights how good of a songwriter Sheeran is. ‘TOL’ is at #6 on the UK iTunes Charts.

‘Afire Love’ (Play this video in Creation 5)

Sheeran showcases his vulnerable side with a soft, gentle, extremely personal and emotionally heartbreaking, candid account of his grandfathers’ death. The piano-heavy track has reached #14 in the UK iTunes Charts. Sheeran’s divine harmonies take the song to a whole other dimension. Two words: Pure. Stunning.

‘I See Fire’ (Deluxe Edition) (Play this video in Creation 5)

Sheeran takes a celtic approach in ‘I See Fire’, written and recorded for the film ‘The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug’. Sheeran brilliantly builds the song to a crescendo, with spot on acapella vocals that travel to great heights, with incredible harmonies.

Ed has created a marketable and easily digestible album, with great taste. Sheeran showcases his maturity by using his charm and softness to his advantage and by bringing real honesty and originality to the forefront. There’s no doubt that he’s already proven himself as an incredibly talented young musician, teeming with outstanding potential. Worshipped by many, and rightly so, the boy never fails to deliver. Hidden in ‘X’ are a bunch of gems.

24.6.ed-sheeran-x-1 Track List
1. One
2. I’m A Mess
3. Sing
4. Don’t
5. Nina
6. Photograph
7. Bloodstream
8. Tenerife Sea
9. Runaway
10. The Man
11. Thinking Out Loud
12. Afire Love
Deluxe Edition:
13. Take it Back
14. Even My Dad Does Sometimes
15. Shirtsleeves
16. I See Fire


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Birthday Playlist

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Surely, amongst your hundreds of Facebook friends, it’s somebody’s birthday out there today. Pick a song from this playlist and celebrate by posting it on their wall. Or ‘Play All’ and enjoy the party!

Marilyn Monroe – Happy Birthday Mr. President (Play this video in Creation 5)

“Happy Birthday Mr. President” was sung by sex symbol, Marilyn Monroe, for President John F. Kennedy’s fourty-fifth birthday. President Kennedy later came on stage and joked: “I can now retire from politics after having had Happy Birthday sung to me in such a sweet, wholesome way”. This song is famous for a couple reasons: 1. Rumour had it that Monroe and Kennedy had an affair. 2. The song was one of Monroe’s last public appearances before her death.

Lesley Gore – It’s My Party (Play this video in Creation 5)

When it’s your birthday, do what you want! – Lesley Gore sent out an important message when her version of “It’s My Party” became a number 1 hit in the US pop and R&B charts in 1963. Quincy Jones was the man behind Gore’s first hit single. Quincy Jones also produced Amy Winehouse’s cover of the song, which leaked in 2010.

Destiny’s Child – Birthday (Play this video in Creation 5)

“It’s your birthday, you don’t have to do nothing/ We gon’ celebrate” – A beautiful birthday song sung by beautiful women with beautiful voices, harmonies and lyrics.

Katy Perry – Birthday (Play this video in Creation 5)

“Birthday” was released in 2014 for Katy Perry’s fourth studio album, Prism. The music video shows Perry entering four different parties in disguise and revealing her identity at the end. Perry makes sexual references throughout the song… How could the pop goddess of controversy not?

Bon Jovi – Have A Nice Day (Play this video in Creation 5)

Drum beats, power chords and classic Bon Jovi hooks – Released in 2005, “Have A Nice Day” made it to the top 10 charts in 11 different countries. The song is included in Bon Jovi’s Greatest Hits album.

Jimy Hendrix – Happy Birthday (Play this video in Creation 5)

With plenty of distortion, reverb and a melodic guitar hook, guitar & rock genius, Jimi Hendrix, sings: “Everybody’s wishing me a happy birthday/ Everybody’s wishing me a real good time”.

Stevie Wonder- Happy Birthday (Play this video in Creation 5)

Stevie Wonder originally recorded “Happy Birthday” as part of a campaign to have Martin Luther King Jr’s birthday celebrated as a national holiday. The campaign succeeded and the song hit number 2 in the UK pop single charts. It’s the classic birthday song.

Alphaville – Forever Young (Play this video in Creation 5)

The German rock/synthpop group released “Forever Young” on their 1984 debut album. It has since been covered by numerous artists and has become part of pop culture.

Rihanna – Birthday Cake (Play this video in Creation 5)
“Birthday Cake” was not to be considered for Rihanna’s 6th studio album “Talk That Talk” until it leaked on the Internet. It was featured as a 1:18 minute interlude on the album, after fans expressed interest in the track. The full-length version (official remix) of the track, featuring Chris Brown, was released on February 20, 2012, the day Rihanna turned 24.

Parchis – Cumpleaños Feliz (Play this video in Creation 5)

Parchis was a Spanish children’s group formed in the 1980’s who reached international fame. The band was named after a board game, where each player represents a different coloured pawn.

Jeremih – Birthday Sex (Play this video in Creation 5)

Jeremih’s debut single peaked at number 4 on Billboard Hot 100 and certified Platinum. The lyrics originally sang “birthday text” but were later revisited and recorded as “birthday sex”. The song has sort of become a birthday anthem.

Neil Sedaka – Happy Birthday Sweet Sixteen (Play this video in Creation 5)

Released in 1961, the song reached number 6 on Billboard Hot 100 and number 3 on the UK single Charts. The song is about a girl’s transition from her awkward tomboy phase into a beautiful young lady.

The Beatles – Happy Birthday (Play this video in Creation 5)

Featured on their 1968 “White Album”, “Happy Birthday” marks The Beatles’ return to traditional rock and roll. McCartney and Ringo Starr performed the song for Starr’s birthday on July 7, 2010, at Radio City Music Hall.

The Sugarcubes – Birthday (Play this video in Creation 5)

“Birthday” was written and recorded by Icelandic band, The Sugarcubes. It was their first international single, released on their 1988 debut album Life’s Too Good. Internationally acclaimed singer-songwriter, Björk, is easily recognizable on lead vocals, as her haunting voice pervades the song.

The Crest – 16 Candles (Play this video in Creation 5)

R&B doo-wop group, The Crest, released “16 Candles” in 1958. It was their most popular song, rising to number 2 on Billboard Hot 100, selling more than 1 million copies, and certifying gold.

The Tune Weavers – Happy Happy Birthday Baby (Play this video in Creation 5)

“Happy, Happy Birthday Baby” was The Tune Weavers’ only hit. Written by Margo Sylvia and Gilbert Lopez in 1957, the single reached number five on Billboard Hot 100. On the B-side of the record is The Tune Weavers’ own version of “Ol’ Man River”.

The Innocence Mission – Happy Birthday (Play this video in Creation 5)

American rock band, centered around husband-wife singer/songwriters Karen and Don Peris, formed in the 80s during a Catholic school production of Gospell. Karen’s sweet and soothing voice is just so fitting!

Candles On The Cake (Play this video in Creation 5)

Nobody seems to know whose song this is! Youtube says it’s Quincy Jones, Shazam says its Mark G Hart & Emil Dudas, yet it sounds just like James Brown. Anybody know who the mystery artist is…?

Pharrell Williams – Happy (Play this video in Creation 5)

Pharrell’s “Happy” song is perhaps the happiest song of 2014! It leaves an uplifting, soulful, and funky tone ringing in your ear.

Click here for the Birthday playlist!


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Deetron – Following The Pleasure Principle

By | Music

Sam Geiser, aka Deetron, is a free-spirited & non-conformist, Swiss DJ/producer with a sleek “percussive, low-end-heavy, melodic, house-y techno” sound. It’s a no-brainer that Deetron’s mosaic fusion of classic Chicago House & Detroit Techno, with strokes of neo-classical, pop and dance, has caught our attention. Earlier this week, Deetron, a renowned member of the Fabric family, released the Fabric 76 compilation mix, in which he shows off his high-spirited artistry by following “the pleasure principle”. He has managed to compile a fluid, soulful and eclectic mixture of both vinyl and digital sources.


Having come from a musical family, did you know you would pursue a career in music from day one? In what ways did your parents influence you musically?
Being surrounded by music from a very early age has certainly influenced my choice of career I think, and my parents have also always encouraged and supported me along the way.

You seem to have come a long way since the 90’s! Your early days involved a love for Hip-Hop and a record shop. Now you’re combining digital and analogue to create techno-house mixes, preserving the legacy of Chicago House and Detroit Techno, and playing live sets in venues such as London’s famous Fabric. Could you briefly tell us your story? What made you turn to the DJ culture?
DJing was the one element of Hip-Hop culture that fascinated me the most from the beginning. The technical and artistic aspect of it caught my attention in particular. DJing is and was never just playing records for me.

You prioritise quality over quantity. What was the response to your full-length album, Music Over Matter, released in October 2013? Approximately how many hours would you say you spent working on the album overall?
The response has been better than I could have hoped for. It was a bit of a different thing for me as it was almost exclusively vocal material and, therefore, I was particularly curious about people’s thoughts. I can’t exactly tell how many hours I spent working on it as it was spread over the course of a few years but countless hours certainly!

Deetron ft. George Maple – Rescue (Play this video in Creation 5)

Since you’ve been involved in quite a few collaborations, could you tell us what is the beauty in collaborating, from your point of view?
I like the idea of picking each other’s brains for ideas and to take them further individually or together in the process. I’m also intrigued by the idea of remixing, to take existing recordings and ideas in order to create something entirely new.

If you could choose to collaborate or play a live set with any DJ that has ever existed, dead or alive, who would it be and why?
Jeff Mills I suppose, he was my main influence when I started and he’s got this independent and futuristic spirit, which I think is second to none.

In an interview with Mixmag in 2011, you said that the “cure” to the “epidemic” of “clinical, loopy, and percussive” deep house involves “a healthy dose of melody, a spoonful of 909 kickdrum and devastating amounts of bass”. Is this still the case?
Yeah I guess so and it makes for a fun read too!

Earlier this week, you released the very exiting and highly anticipated Fabric 76 compilation mix earlier.
What were your intentions when producing the album?
I compiled my faves regardless of genres and tried to put them together so that the recording would represent a live set of mine as much as that’s possible. I worked on this compilation following the pleasure principle and had a great time doing so.

What’s your favourite track on the compilation?
The closing track actually, by Nils Frahm. It’s simply amazing.

Nils Frahm – Says (Play this video in Creation 5)

What was the best part of the mixing process?
The best part was when the mix started to take shape and I found out some of the key transitions and mixes throughout the set. It was that moment when it all started to make sense.

How did you first get involved with Fabric?
I had my first gig at Fabric quite a few years ago in Room 2, but it’s Room 1 that I’ve really gotten comfortable with over the years. The booth and sound system are fantastic.

In 5 words, how would you describe your sound?
Percussive, low-end-heavy, melodic, house-y techno.

What is it that you love the most when you DJ? What has been your best, worst, funniest, or craziest experience yet?
My favorite thing about DJing is when the crowd and music seem to work together seamlessly and effortlessly and without having to emphasize the presence of the DJ or artist.

20.6.deetron-2 20.6.deetron-3

In your opinion, what is the most exciting development in music today, electronic or not?
I believe there is a lot of great music around in all the sub genres of electronic music but we’re yet to discover something really groundbreaking since the early days of house and techno.

Summer season has begun… What are your plans for the next few months?
Lots of touring all around Europe and a bit of a holiday too! I’ve got some remixes coming up for No Artificial Colours on PMR, Gorgon City on Virgin and FCL on We Play House. We’ll also release the last single from the album called Rescue with remixes by Fred P.

Slot into fabric 76: Deetron (Play this video in Creation 5)

Deetron chose our Sunday Sessions this week – here’s his choice of 3 songs for a smooth Sunday

Upcoming Tour Dates:
June 22 – Ville Tittoni, Zero Branco, Italy
June 27 – Fly Club, Glasgow, UK
June 28 – Fabric, London, UK
July 12 – Amsterdamse Bos, Amstelveen, Netherlands
July 18 – De Schorre, Boom, Belgium
July 19 – La Gravière, Geneva, Switzerland
July 23 – THE GARDEN TISNO, Tisno, Croatia
July 25 – De Schorre, Boom, Belgium
Aug 05 – Space, Sant Josep De Sa Talaia, Spain
Aug 30 – Praia Da Azurara, Praia, Cape Verde


Tracklist – fabric 76 (Buy this album on iTunes)
01 Johnny Blas – Picadillo (Carl Craig’s Breakdown Version) [Ubiquity]
02 Jaime Read – Timewave [Fragmented]
03 Baba Stiltz – Palats [Studio Barnhus]
04 SoulPhiction – Mind & Body [Philpot]
05 DJ Sneak – Who’s Knocking [Magnetic]
06 Juxta Position – Mercy [Misstress]
07 Redshape – Finizh [Running Back]
08 Ripperton – Searchin 4 You [Tamed Musiq]
09 Greg Beato – Who’s The Licho In Charge Ovaa Here [Apron]
10 Tom Trago – Elite [Rush Hour]
11 Seven Davis Jr. – One [Must Have Records]
12 Galaxy 2 Galaxy – Timeline [Underground Resistance]
13 Afefe Iku feat. Osunlade – Bodydrummin [Yoruba]
14 Marquis Hawkes – Honey Kisses [Dixon Avenue Basement Jams]
15 Gemini – New Style Of [Peacefrog]
16 Presk – Rais [Ten Thousand Yen]
17 Ondo Fudd – There Will Be A Time [The Trilogy Tapes]
18 Four Tet & Terror Danjah – Nasty [Text]
19 Seiji – More Of You [Seijimusic]
20 E-Dancer – The Move [KMS]
21 Moderat – Bad Kingdom (Marcel Dettmann Remix) [50WEAPONS]
22 Caribou – Irene [City Slang]
23 Joe – Slope [Hessle Audio]
24 Atoms For Peace – Before Your Very Eyes… [XL]
25 Function – Falling The Same Way (Dommune Version) [Sandwell District]
26 Design A Wave – Weird F [No ‘Label’]
27 Juxta Position – Mercy (Loop) [Misstress]
28 Nils Frahm – Says [Erased Tapes]

Deetron will launch fabric 76 at Fabric on Saturday June 28, alongside Craig Richards, Redshape (Live), Will Saul, Terry Francis & Slam.

Expect a night of great power, elegance and deep volume.

For tickets and more info see:


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Happy Birthday Sir Paul McCartney!

By | Music

The great Sir Paul McCartney has left a colossal mark in the last and present century, becoming one of the biggest living icons of our time. Born June 18, 1942, Macca turns 72 today. Between 1963 and 1970, the Beatles rocked the world. Since their split in 1970, McCartney continued to stun his fans by releasing classic solo albums and with his band Wings, winning multiple Grammy Awards. Throughout his career, McCartney has written 32 chart-topping songs, one of which (“Yesterday”) has been covered by 2,200 artists. Today, McCartney has been proclaimed the most successful pop music composer ever. Without Paul McCartney and the Beatles, BritPop would perhaps never have existed. The incredibly talented musician, singer, songwriter, producer and revolutionary carries a golden legacy.

“Live and Let Die” – Wings (Play this video in Creation 5)
Written by Paul and Linda McCartney, and released in 1973, the Wings single remains one of the greatest James Bond film theme songs of all time. The song was covered by Guns N’ Roses for their 1991 “Use Your Illusion I” album and became the most popular version of the song.

“Silly Love Songs” – Wings (Play this video in Creation 5)
Released in 1976, the single spent 5 weeks peaking Billboard’s Hot 100 list, becoming one of the highest-ranked McCartney tunes released with his post-Beatles band Wings. Whether you like it or not, “Silly Love Songs” is a great tune, with its weaving vocals, blasting horns, and massive hook.

“Say Say Say” – Paul McCartney & Michael Jackson (Play this video in Creation 5)
When two iconic legends collaborate, great music is born. The pop single features on McCartney’s fifth solo album “Pipes of Peace” (1983). In that same year, the duo charted another hit, “The Girl Is Mine”, but “Say Say Say” was the only one to come out with a music video, which was directed by Bob Giraldi, the man who also directed MJ’s “Beat It”.

“Coming Up” – Paul McCartney (Play this video in Creation 5)
Released in 1980, McCartney turns balladesque lyrics that discuss love, peace and understanding, into a fun-loving, electronic and uptempo track – The musical genius never seems to disappoint, always taking a unique approach to songwriting.

“With A Little Luck” – Wings (Play this video in Creation 5)
A lovely, mature, emotionally sound tune. Released in 1978, during McCartney’s period of experimenting with synthesizers, the single was one of the first synthpop records to appear on the charts.

“Appreciate” – Paul McCartney (Play this video in Creation 5)
“Appreciate” was released in 2013 on McCartney’s 16th solo album “New”. Set in ‘The Museum of Man’, the surreal and conceptual music video features a human-sized robot named Newman who explores the humans and past cultures on display.

“Jet” – Wings (Play this video in Creation 5)
With cryptic lyrics and a rock n’ roll edge, “Jet”, featured on their 1974 album “Band on the Run”, and peaked at number 7 in both the UK and US charts.

“Maybe I’m Amazed” – Paul McCartney (Play this video in Creation 5)
Released in 1970, “Maybe I’m Amazed” remains one of the finest pieces of McCartney’s solo career. Behind the tracks simplicity lies an outpour of emotion and utmost honesty about his newfound love (at the time) Linda. It’s an iconic love song.

“Vanilla Sky” – Paul McCartney (Play this video in Creation 5)
Academy Award-nominated soundtrack from Cameron Crowe’s 2001 film “Vanilla Sky” is a simple and sweet melody that won McCartney a Golden Globe.

“The World Tonight” – Paul McCartney (Play this video in Creation 5)
From his 1997 album “Flaming Pie”, “The World Tonight” is a cool rock tune and a fun music video that gives us a look into the world of fame from a third person’s point of view.


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9 Covers That Are Better Than The Originals

By | Music

By Tej S. Haldule

I Will Survive by Cake (originally performed by Gloria Gaynor)
(Play this video in Creation 5)

Gloria Gaynor may not personally have been too pleased with Californian rock band Cake’s version of ‘I Will Survive’, but the 90’s update of the popular song gives her own a run for its money. The original may now have its place as a classic gay-rights anthem, but Cake has added more funk and zest to it (if that were possible) while reworking the instrumental pattern for a laid-back, college crowd. Somehow, it seems to have stood the test of time better.

LoveCrimes by the Afghan Whigs (originally performed by Frank Ocean)
(Play this video in Creation 5)

From a satellite songwriter for the stars, 2012’s fabulous Channel ORANGE cemented Frank Ocean as an acclaimed icon in his own right. His debut mixtape Nostalgia, Ultra, however, featured a hodge-podge of strong and weak material, of which ‘LoveCrimes’ undoubtedly felt more like the latter. Although the Afghan Whigs had disbanded for over a decade when they came out with their own rendition of the song, it was as stunning as some of their best work from the 90’s.

Crush by Jai Paul (originally performed by Jennifer Paige)

Fifteen years after Jennifer Paige’s ‘Crush’ took the MTV world by a storm, indie maestro Jai Paul’s version (found on his now seminal collection of demos leaked in April last year) did much the same for the internet generation. Completely stripped to inject his hallmark warped Jai Paul sound, this staple has to be heard on headphones, submerged bass and falsetto intact, to be truly appreciated.

(I Can’t Get No) Satisfaction by Cat Power (originally performed by the Rolling Stones)
(Play this video in Creation 5)

On first listen, Cat Power’s sorrowful acoustic rendition of one of the Rolling Stones’ greatest hits may not even seem like a cover. This version has little to do with the original, musically – Cat Power strips it of everything but a solitary, languid guitar and a voice that could melt butter. There’s no rock-and-roll bravado, and perhaps it’s better off for it.

When The Levee Breaks by Led Zeppelin (originally performed by Kansas Joe McCoy and Memphis Minnie)
(Play this video in Creation 5)

When The Levee Breaks was originally written by the husband-wife duo of Kansas Joe McCoy and Memphis Minnie about the floods that devastated the Mississippi delta in 1927, and largely forgotten in the seventies by the time Led Zeppelin welded it into its most popular form. Slipping between the edges of mean mouth-organ, raging Page guitar and Robert Plant’s impossibly high pitch, it’s easy to see why this heavily produced classic was an instant fan favourite.

A Case Of You by James Blake (originally performed by Joni Mitchell)
(Play this video in Creation 5)

The twenty-something British electronic artist’s capabilities as a pianist are on full display over his carefully remade live ‘A Case Of You’ for Zane Lowe’s
BBC show. So carefully remade that, in a strange reversal, Mitchell’s version seems like a pale lounge imitation of James Blake’s purposeful wobble.
Listen to find out how a “Canada” can stretch out to wrench your heart in the hands of this masterful young songster.

Baby by Ariel Pink’s Haunted Graffiti (originally performed by Donnie and Joe Emerson)

Ariel Pink, the modern-day king of kitsch, is known to make music that’s easy on the ears yet impossible to replicate. His home-brewed recording style has been an influence on a generation of artists and his colourful 2012 release Mature Themes was amongst his very best. Although the ‘Baby’ cover has been in live circulation for years before it was officially recorded and is buried at the album’s tail-end, it’s the most intimate track on the record.

Barely Legal by Real Estate (originally performed by the Strokes)
(Play this video in Creation 5)

It would be improper to suggest that Real Estate’s cover of the Strokes ‘Barely Legal’ (off their feted debut Is This It) is qualitatively better than the original, when in truth it’s a personal favourite. The synthetic urgency of Julian Casablancas’ voice is gone, rounded and smoothed by Real Estate. The stoner sunshine that they always bring to the mix makes for sincerely endearing listening.

Not In Love by Crystal Castles ft. Robert Smith (originally by Platinum Blonde)
(Play this video in Creation 5)

Granted, the Platinum Blonde version is an 80s veteran that’s retained its charm through the years, but the irreplaceable Crystal Castles club-sized synth version came with Robert Smith, lead singer of the Cure, on vocal duties. A song that’ll stay on repeat for days, it trumps anything on Standing In The Dark by a mile.


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Top 8 Summer Music Festivals 2014

By | Music

Although some of the top big league festivals like Coachella, Governor’s Ball, Ultra, Bonnaroo, Sónar and Primavera Sound, have already passed, there are still loads to look out for this summer. Take a look at the top 8 current and upcoming music festivals of summer 2014, save the dates in your calendars, and don’t be sorry! Party on!

Glastonbury (June 25th – 29th)


Glastonbury has a huge & diversified amount of live music to offer! Even by pulling all-nighters, consuming tonnes of Red Bull and a “controlled” amount of “energy tablets”, you’ll be lucky to see half the bands on your must-see list.


The festival first began in in 1970 during the hippie, counterculture and free festival movement, and was originally a pop, blues and folk festival. Glastonbury has since been held intermittently through to 2014 and has always taken place on Worthy Farm in Somerset, England. With its long musical history, famed headliners and incredible line-ups, it’s no wonder Glastonbury is ranked as one of the top music festivals in the world. On the downside, despite the all rainbows & sunshine (…and a pair of wellies) aspect of the festival – yes, the live music is majestic – it will cost you an arm and a leg to take part in this musical English phenomenon. Huffington Post did the nitty-gritty dirty work for us and found out an estimate of how much Glastonbury actually costs:


For more info:

Roskilde (29th June – 6 July) (Play this video in Creation 5)

According to Consequence of Sound, Roskilde “may be Glastonbury’s biggest rival”. While the line-up is an outstanding one, with Rolling Stones headlining, Stevie Wonder and Drake playing on the main stage on closing night, and the likes of Lykke Li, Outkast and Bastille performing, what’s particularly interesting about the Denmark-based festival is that the camp grounds opens a week before, creating a frenzied and distinctive atmosphere. Roskilde was first created in 1971 and is run by Roskilde Festival Charity Society, a non-profit organisation supporting initiatives backing children and young people, humanitarian and cultural work. It has since become the largest North European culture and music fest.

13.6.topmusic-4 13.6.topmusic-5

For more info:

Tomorrowland (18th – 20th July & 25th – 27th July)


Tomorrowland is a mega electronic music festival held in Boom, Belgium. The festival was first set up in 2005 and, as the word spread, what was once a 1-day festival turned into a 3-day festival with over 180,000 visitors and a huge number of acts. This year, in celebration of Tomorrowland’s 10th anniversary, the festival will take place over two weekends, with more or less the same line-up on both weekends. In light of all the hype created around Tomorrowland 2014, and with the news of a documentary being made and coming out in 2015, 400,000 tickets were sold out before this year’s line-up was even announced.


To check out the huge line-up see:

Pitchfork (Jule 18th – 20th)


“For a festival that’s always lived in the shadow of its bigger brother Lollapalooza (see below), it appears the sibling owns 2014” says Michael Roffman at Consequence of Sound.
Held in Union Park, Chicago, Pitchfork Music Festival presents over 40 of the best new and emerging bands. The festival is internationally known to be one of the most “welcoming, comfortable, reasonably priced, and rewarding weekends of music around”.

Tickets are still on sale at a reasonable price. For more info, check out:

Lollapalooza (August 1st – 3rd) (Play this video in Creation 5)

The Lollapalooza Music Festival features alternative rock, heavy metal, punk rock, hip-hop, dance, and comedy performances. Created by Perry Farrell (lead singer of Jane’s Addiction), the festival ran from 1991 to 1997 and was later reintroduced in 2003. Lollapalooza is a weekend festival in Grant Park, Chicago, Illinois. In 2010, the festival announced it was to branch out overseas. The festival has since been staged in Santiago, Chile, and São Paolo, Brazil. The main Chicago event attracted 300,000 people last year and tickets were running out before the line-up was announced. This year, the $250 3-day passes were sold out in no more than an hour, but you can still purchase day passes. Today, Lollapalooza is included in the ranking of large-scale festivals such as Coachella and Bonnaroo.


For a chance to see Eminem, Outkast, Kings of Leon, Arctic Monkeys, Skrillex, Lorde, Calvin Harris, Foster The People, Krewella, Iggy Azalea and more, check out the website at:

Burning Man (August 25th – September 1st) (Play this video in Creation 5)


The Burning Man Project takes place in the middle of the Nevada’s Black Rock Desert, USA. For 7 days, Black Rock City is a place of community, art, self-expression and self-reliance, where the people are guided by ten principles that echo the cultural spirit of the event: radical inclusion, gifting, decommodification, radical self-reliance, radical self-expression, communal effort, civic responsibility, leaving no trace, participation, immediacy.

13.6.topmusic-11 13.6.topmusic-12

It is a place built by the participants from scratch and where everything is set on fire at the end, to leave without a trace. The burning of the large wooden effigy (the burning man) ritually takes place on the Saturday night. Within the city are innovative sculptures, installations, performances, theme camps, art cars, and all-flower costumes. The temperature drops below 0ºC at night and rises to 45ºC in the day.


To join the movement, check out:

Outlook (September 3rd – 7th) (Play this video in Creation 5)

Outlook Festival famously takes place in Pula, Croatia. It is Europe’s leading bass music and soundsystem culture festival, with a roman amphitheatre, beaches, boat parties and castles, drum&bass and Dubstep DJ legends. Outlook is where the party is!


To join the crazy festivity:

Secret Garden Party (July 24th – 27th)


If you like animal onesies, multi-coloured dust powder, firework displays, great music and a unique atmosphere, Cambridgeshire, UK, is where you want to be in July! The Secret Garden Party is an independent art and music festival, launched in 2004 as an alternative to the large-scale mainstream music festivals mentioned above. The festival has since grown from one stage, with 1000 visitors, to over 15 stages and 26,000 visitors. SGP supports The Campaign Against Living Miserably, which aims to prevent male suicide in the UK. This year’s theme is “Goodbye Yellow Brick Road”.

13.6.topmusic-16 13.6.topmusic-17

Emerald City and the Wizard are waiting for you so check out the website for tickets from £180:


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It’s Pimms O’clock & the Great British Summertime Madness is About to Begin!

By | Luxury Life

Get ready to join the frolic as the English summer season takes off with great poise and elegance, colours and extravagant hats, Pimms and (fingers crossed) plenty of sunshine. The English summer showcases some of the most sought-after events in the English sporting tradition. Amongst these events are the Royal Ascot horse races, the Wimbledon Tennis Championship, the Henley Royal Regatta, Cartier International Polo, Cowes Sailing Week and the British Grand Prix at Silverstone.

Royal Ascot
June 17 -21, 2014 – Ascot Racecourse, Berkshire
Located only 6 miles away from Windsor, the Ascot Racecourse is one of the leading racecourses in the UK. Founded by Queen Anne in 1711, Royal Ascot is one of the most famous and important events in the British summer social calendar and is at the heart of British culture. Every year Her Majesty Elizabeth II and other members of the Royal Family attend the races, making a grand entrance during the Royal Procession by arriving in a horse-drawn carriage on each of the 5 racing days, and enclosing themselves in the restricted and highly secured Royal enclosure, where entry is by membership and sponsorship only.


More than 300,000 people visit Berkshire during the Royal Ascot week. Whether you’re competing, placing a bet, or simply there to view the handsome horses this year, consider yourself lucky. There aren’t many places available. Try the Ascot office at St. James’ Palace or your embassy in London. It’s always worth a try.

Don’t forget, Royal Ascot is a royal fashion show for hats almost more than it is a race. The more flamboyant the hat, the better you’ll fit in!


Ticket Sales and General Enquiries
Tel: +44 (0)844 346 3000

Wimbledon Tennis Championship
June 23 – 6 July, 2014 – All England Lawn Tennis Club, Wimbledon, Surrey
Wimbledon is the oldest and most prestigious tennis tournament in the world, and one of the great highlights of the British summer season. While Wimbledon is the only Grand Slam tennis tournament to still play on grass, its traditions embrace the eating of strawberries and cream, a strict dress code for competitors, and Royal patronage.


While tickets are almost always sold out months in advance, there is one queue for on-the-day premium ticket sales, located at the Gate 3 turnstiles. Don’t worry if you don’t make the queue in time, you can always grab your picnic baskets and camp up on the grass on Murray Mount, or in several venues across London, to watch the matches on the big screens (for free) and feel the tennis spirit as spectators support and cheer their beloved champions from afar.

General Enquiries: Tel: +44 (0)20 8944 1066

Henley Royal Regatta
July 2 – 6 July, 2014 – Henley-on-Thames, Oxfordshire
As yet another iconic British summer sporting event on the social calendar, Henley Royal Regatta welcomes thousands of visitors across the 5-day rowing stretch to watch over 200 races of international standard, including the Grand Challenge Cup for Men’s Eights, the most esteemed event of the regatta. While dress code is strict within the enclosures, dresses for ladies and suit and tie for gentlemen, a great deal of socialising takes place there and is a pastime that holds the same importance as watching the boats. Picnics are always welcome on the left bank of the Thames, which is a more laid back area where you can relax and still see the entire action take place.


The regatta dates back to 1839, but it wasn’t until 1851, when Prince Albert became the first royal patron, that it became known as Henley Royal Regatta. Every reigning monarch has since agreed to be its patron.

General Enquiries: Tel: +44 (0)1491 572 153

Cartier Queen’s Cup Final
May 20 – 15 June, 2014 – Smith’s Lawn, Windsor Great Park, Egham, Surrey
Cartier International is the most distinguished event of the British polo calendar. While the champagne tents are filled to the rim with all sorts of celebrities, including models, thespians, art collectors, and you-name-it, polo is clearly the sport that attracts the most VIPs of the British social calendar. Strictly by invitation only can you attend the member’s areas, Cartier marquee or, if you’re fortunate enough, the so very coveted Royal Box. Her Majesty the Queen historically attends Finals day to present the cup to the winning patron.


Non-members can purchase tickets and hospitality packages. Check out the Guard’s Polo Club website for information on other high goal tournaments that you can attend.

Ticket Office Tel: +44 (0) 1784 437797

British Grand Prix
July 4 – 6, 2014 – Silverstone Circuit, Northampton
The Silverstone circuit hosted its first F1 Championship race in 1950 and is one of the oldest and most prestigious F1 Races on the calendar, along with the Monte Carlo Grand Prix. Silverstone ritually becomes the busiest airport in the UK on race Sunday, as a hoard of private jets and helicopters touch ground to enjoy the fun as the cars speed by. At Silverstone, the atmosphere is off the wall, with lots of cheering fans, speeding cars and rowdy celebrations.


Cowes Week
August 2 – 9, 2014 – West Cowes, Isle of Wight
Cowes Week has been a big part of the British social summer season for many years and holds many traditions that date back to the early 1800’s under King George IV (1820-1830), when the regatta originated.


Prince Phillip once famously said: “sailing is the only sport you can do with a hangover”. With a wealth of parties and balls held throughout the week at the yacht clubs and private functions, you’d hope he were right!

The famous fireworks held on the Friday night provide a fantastic finale to the wonderful week ending on Saturday.


General Regatta Enquiries: Tel: +44 (0)1983 295 744

Tickets: 0844 3728 300
International Callers: +44 (0) 1372 320 280

Here’s a special Crazy English Summer playlist. Play in Creation 5.


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TV’s Highest Paid Actors

By | Films

We all thought that movie actors in Hollywood were the ones making big money, but it just turns out that TV stars aren’t doing too badly either. In fact, more and more movie actors have turned their back on film to star in up and coming hit TV shows that attract a huge base of loyal fans.

1. Ashton Kutcher

Ashton Kutcher is TV’s highest paid actor, taking home $24 million between 2012-2013. With one of the biggest Twitter followings in Hollywood, tech investments in successful businesses such as Skype, Spotify and Airbnb, and enduring revenue from his early days in Fox’s hit sitcom That 70’s Show, Kutcher has made a killing by replacing Charlie Sheen as star of CBS’s sitcom Two and a Half Men, after Sheen got the boot in 2011 for having made “disparaging comments” about the show’s creator and executive producer Chuck Lorre.

2. Jon Cryer

Jon Cryer, who also stars in Two and a Half Men and plays the role of Alan Harper, comes in second as TV’s highest paid actor, earning a whopping $21 million between 2012-2013. Since the show aired in 2013, Harper has won two Primetime Emmy Awards and received a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame for Television in 2011.

Two and a Half Men – Season 10 bloopers (Play this video in Creation 5)

3. Ray Romano

Ray Romano secures third place in the ranking of TV’s highest paid actors, at $16 million between 2012-2013. Although CBS’s 1996 sitcom Everybody Loves Raymond ended in 2005, Romano continues to bring in residual earnings from the shows syndication. Romano is also the voice of Manny the mammoth in the Ice Age series, which grosses some hefty $, and has also recently appeared in NBC’s TV drama Parenthood.

4. Neil Patrick Harris

Neil Patrick Harris lands fourth place in the ranking of TV’s highest paid actors, cashing in $15 million between 2012-2013. Known for playing “legen – **wait for it** – dary” womaniser Barney Stinson in CBS’s sitcom How I Met Your Mother, the man has been named one of Time’s most influential people in 2010 and was awarded a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame in 2011. Harris has also made a name for himself on Broadway for hosting the Tony Awards four times and has made good money off of movies like Beastley (2011) and The Smurfs.

Barney Stinson – Legendary (Play this video in Creation 5)

5. Mark Hamon

Mark Harmon ties-in with Harris at $15 million, for starring as Leroy Jethro Gibbs in the hit CBS series NCIS, named America’s favourite show in 2011. It was the most watched television series in the US during 2012-13. Harmon received a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame in 2012.

6. Patrick Dempsey

Patrick Dempsey earned $13 million last year for playing the role of neurosurgeon McDreamy in ABC’s medical hit series Grey’s Anatomy, which is currently in its 11th season. Dempsey is also a racecar driver in his spare time and has revealed he would “step away” from acting if he could devote himself full-time to motorsports.

7. Tim Allen

Tim Allen, the voice of Buzz in Pixar’s animated hit trilogy Toy Story, took home $11 million last year thanks to his comeback in ABC’s Last Man Standing. Allen also starred in the award-winning sitcom Home Improvement that aired between 1991 and 1999.

8. Angus T. Jones

Angus T. Jones, known for playing the young star, Jake Harper, in Two and a Half Men, earned $11 million last year. Jones has won two Young Artist Awards and one TV Land Award for his performance in the show. However, after having followed in Sheen’s footsteps, by calling Two and a Half Men “filth”, the young actor no longer appears regularly on the show. Perhaps he will soon be ousted from the list of TV’s highest paid actors?

9. Michael C. Hall

Michael C. Hall made $10 million last year for fulfilling his role as America’s favourite serial killer in Showtime’s TV Network Dexter. Hall won a Golden Globe Award and a Screen Actor’s Guide Award for his role in Dexter in 2010. Although the series’ ending left fans disappointed, Hall ended on a high, as one of TV’s best-paid actors.

10. Charlie Sheen

Charlie Sheen must be “high on life” as he’s making a comeback in the 2012 comedy series Anger Management, which broke the ratings record with 5.74 million viewers on the series’ pilot, making it the most-watched sitcom premiere in cable history. He may no longer be the highest paid actor in TV, but he did earn a hefty $10 million last year.


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The Healing Powers of Music

By | Music

“If music be the food of love, play on” – William Shakespeare

As far as we know, music has existed for over 50,000 years and has become the fundamental component of human life. Music is everywhere and for everyone. It is found in every culture known to have prevailed, and continues to dominate our living world. Music is the expression of the human soul, of experience and emotion. It has the ability to affect our mood and feelings; it may trigger memories, or it may even heal us.

“Music is the strongest form of magic” – Marilyn Manson

When we write or listen to music, we use the creative and imaginative part of our brain, known as the “right” side, which thinks in terms of images, creativity, intuition, colour, and emotion. It is the side of the brain that is responsible for dreaming, where the magic can take place and where healing is possible.

Research has shown that music can affect our mind and body in incredible ways. Music therapy, as it is known today, first began in the aftermath of WWI and II, when musicians would visit hospitals and play music for soldiers suffering from physical and emotional trauma. Since then it has been recognised as a method to help neurological and psychiatric disorders, heart disease, autism, and more. As such, hospitals have begun to adopt this method to help patients cope with pain, stress, to promote movement, resist depression, ease muscle tension, lower blood pressure, etc.

There is no doubt that while some forms of music tend to cause discomfort, others can cause extreme comfort.

“Music was my refuge. I could crawl into the space between the notes and curl my back to loneliness” – Maya Angelou.

Most scores of classical music, which range between 60 beats per minute to 140 beats per minute, are known to be heart healing. The rhythm of the heart beat synchronises with the pace of the music, lowers blood pressure, reduces stress hormones, adrenaline and cortisol, and thus generates relaxation and tranquillity in the body. Music can have the same nurturing effect on animals.

Indeed, music is a powerful tool and can be used as a healing mechanism. Not only does its meditative and therapeutic value heal the mind, heart and soul, it can also heal the physical body. Here is a list of more examples:

The Mind
• Stress – music can trigger biochemical stress reducers.
• Therapy – music, with a slow beat, can alter brainwave speed and activate a meditative or hypnotic state.

Reiki Music – Healing Music (Play this video in Creation 5)

• Depression – music can relieve symptoms of depression. Much like exercise, music can lift you up. Classical and meditative sounds do this in particular.
• Mood – A 2013 study rated “arousal” and “mood regulation”, as well as “self-awareness”, as the two most important benefits of listening to music.
• Cognitive performance – Since exam performance and study efficiency relate to a person’s emotional state in a high-pressure situation, calm background music can improve cognitive performance.

Philip Glass – The Poet Acts (Play this video in Creation 5)

• Anxiety – music can reduce anxiety as much as a massage can.
• Relaxation – music has helped relax cardiovascular patients who are undergoing surgery.
• Emotional trauma – music has helped cancer patients communicate their feelings, manage stress, ease physical pain and discomfort, reduce anxiety, and improve quality of life.

Intouchables Soundtrack (Play this video in Creation 5)

• Recovery – music can help stroke patients regain their verbal memory and improve concentration.
• Positivity – upbeat music can help you feel more optimistic and positive, simultaneously releasing stress.

Bobby McFerrin – Don’t Worry Be Happy (Play this video in Creation 5)

The Body
• Pain – music can reduce the perception of the intensity of pain for patients in intensive care, geriatric care or palliative medicine.

James Brown – I Feel Good (Play this video in Creation 5)

• Motivation & Performance – music may help people push themselves harder, run faster, enhance their endurance and boost their workout motivation. This is partly due to distraction.

Survivor – Eye of the Tiger (Play this video in Creation 5)

• Recovery – music can speed up the physical recovery process and relax the body and muscles.
• Sleep – music can improve sleep quality. Classical music is used to treat insomnia patients.
• Eating – slow music can help people consume less food and slow down eating.
• Blood Vessels – music has a healthy effect on blood vessel function. A happy emotional state can increase blood flow in blood vessels.

Playing for Change – Stand By Me (Play this video in Creation 5)

Reggae legend, Bob Marley, was spot on when he said: “ One good thing about music, is that when it hits you, you feel no pain”.

Bob Marley and the Wailers – Trenchtown Rock (Play this video in Creation 5)

Blue Note’s jazz trumpeter, Louis Smith, suffered a massive stroke to the left side of his brain in 2006, at the age of 75. The stroke left his right arm and the right side of his face paralysed. He also lost his speech abilities, verbal and written, and struggled to comprehend language. His family were told that they would have to accept Smith’s tragic disabilities, as not much could be done to help him. However, speech language therapist, Dr. Godron Krainen, from the University of Michigan, and music therapist, Lynn Chenoweth, encouraged Smith to play music in order to help him reconquer language. Using a technique called Melodic Intonation Therapy (MIT), Smith was helped with his horn playing, singing and speech production. Consequently, he learnt to play the trumpet left-handed and regained some functional language. Today, though Smith still has a long way to go, he continues to progress in his trumpet playing, has regained his language comprehension, can verbally express himself, and is no longer depressed.

Louis Smith Quintet 1958 (Play this video in Creation 5)

The spirit of music has the ability to transcend the laws of the universe and bring us into a world where magic and beauty reside. Its healing powers are beyond the extraordinary.

“Music washes away from the soul the dust of everyday life” – Bethold Auerbach.


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