The latest episode of Saturday Night Live (SNL) saw Scarlett Johansson reprise her role as Black Widow, for a very different look at the Marvel Cinematic Universe. As the Avengers: Age of Ultron soars to new box office heights SNL brilliantly mocks Marvel’s sexism in this standalone trailer.

“You wanna know, why no Black Widow movie?” a narrator growls over the trailer. “Does Marvel not know how to make a girl superhero movie? Chill! Marvel gets women.”

The Marvel superhero, played by everyone’s favourite female Avenger, Johansson, struggles to find romance in New York and hold down her new internship at Fashion Weekly Magazine. Of course her biggest problem is her choice of men – namely Ultron – a robot with a strobe light for a penis.

It’s a happy ending though because she does find happiness with her Age of Ultron co-star, the Hulk. If you’ve seen the movie you’ll no doubt recognise the inspiration for the ending!

By the time we actually do get to see a female-centered superhero movie with Captain Marvel (supposedly in 2018) the total male-centered superhero films will be much higher than they are now. There will have been a total of 15 – 3 Captain America movies, 2 Guardians of the Galaxy movies, 1 Ant-Man movie, 1 Doctor Strange movie, 1 untitled Spider-Man movie, 3 Thor movies, 3 Avengers movies and 1 Black Panther movie.

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