Legendary Italian DJ & producer Giorgio Moroder and Sia have debuted their new music video for the dance-pop track Déjà Vu. Moroder plays a wise cab driver in the new visual which sees a gentleman meeting lots of Sia-like females in a strange hotel who lead him into recurring scenarios. A bit confusing, but the visual certainly captures the definition of déjà vu.

The new album, Déjà Vu, is Moroder’s first album in 30 years – a comeback that was inspired by his collaboration with Daft Punk on their Random Access Memories album back in 2013. After the work Moroder began Dj-ing again and finding inspiration from the crowds he played to.

“I felt so young. I mean, I’m 74, but I still felt like part of this young generation,” Moroder told Rolling Stone in a recent interview. “Some of those guys knew my songs and were not even born when they came out. It’s nice to hear a 20-year-old guy or girl sing along with the lyrics.” One of the tracks on the new album is called 74 is the New 24.

We’re certainly looking forward to June 12 when Moroder’s album is out – it’s jam-packed with brilliant collaborations.

Déjà Vu Tracklist:
01. 4 U With Love
02. Déjà Vu feat. Sia
03. Diamonds feat. Charli XCX
04. Don’t Let Go feat. Mikky Ekko
05. Right Here, Right Now feat. Kylie Minogue
06. Tempted feat. Matthew Koma
07. 74 is the New 24
08. Tom’s Diner feat. Britney Spears (Suzanne Vega cover)
09. Wildstar feat. Foxes
10. Back and Forth feat. Kelis
11. I Do This For You feat. Marlene
12. La Disco

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