Happy Birthday Sir Paul McCartney!

By June 18, 2014Music

The great Sir Paul McCartney has left a colossal mark in the last and present century, becoming one of the biggest living icons of our time. Born June 18, 1942, Macca turns 72 today. Between 1963 and 1970, the Beatles rocked the world. Since their split in 1970, McCartney continued to stun his fans by releasing classic solo albums and with his band Wings, winning multiple Grammy Awards. Throughout his career, McCartney has written 32 chart-topping songs, one of which (“Yesterday”) has been covered by 2,200 artists. Today, McCartney has been proclaimed the most successful pop music composer ever. Without Paul McCartney and the Beatles, BritPop would perhaps never have existed. The incredibly talented musician, singer, songwriter, producer and revolutionary carries a golden legacy.

“Live and Let Die” – Wings (Play this video in Creation 5)
Written by Paul and Linda McCartney, and released in 1973, the Wings single remains one of the greatest James Bond film theme songs of all time. The song was covered by Guns N’ Roses for their 1991 “Use Your Illusion I” album and became the most popular version of the song.

“Silly Love Songs” – Wings (Play this video in Creation 5)
Released in 1976, the single spent 5 weeks peaking Billboard’s Hot 100 list, becoming one of the highest-ranked McCartney tunes released with his post-Beatles band Wings. Whether you like it or not, “Silly Love Songs” is a great tune, with its weaving vocals, blasting horns, and massive hook.

“Say Say Say” – Paul McCartney & Michael Jackson (Play this video in Creation 5)
When two iconic legends collaborate, great music is born. The pop single features on McCartney’s fifth solo album “Pipes of Peace” (1983). In that same year, the duo charted another hit, “The Girl Is Mine”, but “Say Say Say” was the only one to come out with a music video, which was directed by Bob Giraldi, the man who also directed MJ’s “Beat It”.

“Coming Up” – Paul McCartney (Play this video in Creation 5)
Released in 1980, McCartney turns balladesque lyrics that discuss love, peace and understanding, into a fun-loving, electronic and uptempo track – The musical genius never seems to disappoint, always taking a unique approach to songwriting.

“With A Little Luck” – Wings (Play this video in Creation 5)
A lovely, mature, emotionally sound tune. Released in 1978, during McCartney’s period of experimenting with synthesizers, the single was one of the first synthpop records to appear on the charts.

“Appreciate” – Paul McCartney (Play this video in Creation 5)
“Appreciate” was released in 2013 on McCartney’s 16th solo album “New”. Set in ‘The Museum of Man’, the surreal and conceptual music video features a human-sized robot named Newman who explores the humans and past cultures on display.

“Jet” – Wings (Play this video in Creation 5)
With cryptic lyrics and a rock n’ roll edge, “Jet”, featured on their 1974 album “Band on the Run”, and peaked at number 7 in both the UK and US charts.

“Maybe I’m Amazed” – Paul McCartney (Play this video in Creation 5)
Released in 1970, “Maybe I’m Amazed” remains one of the finest pieces of McCartney’s solo career. Behind the tracks simplicity lies an outpour of emotion and utmost honesty about his newfound love (at the time) Linda. It’s an iconic love song.

“Vanilla Sky” – Paul McCartney (Play this video in Creation 5)
Academy Award-nominated soundtrack from Cameron Crowe’s 2001 film “Vanilla Sky” is a simple and sweet melody that won McCartney a Golden Globe.

“The World Tonight” – Paul McCartney (Play this video in Creation 5)
From his 1997 album “Flaming Pie”, “The World Tonight” is a cool rock tune and a fun music video that gives us a look into the world of fame from a third person’s point of view.


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