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By December 20, 2013Music

Interview by Carlos Sánchez Urbano

Everyone wants to take his photo at airports and clubs. He is responsible for “Just a Little More Love Wally López remix “, the remix that placed David Guetta on the map and ended up selling hundreds of thousands of copies.

He’s best friends with the ex-footballer from Real Madrid, Jose Maria Gutierrez “Guti”. Wally López was a suburban kid, raised in the Madrid neighborhood of San Blas, who is now in demand in the DJ booths of the most important clubs in the world. He lives between Miami and Ibiza.

This past August he released his first album “Follow me!” which has already been a great success and his Youtube views are now counted in millions. He is a true ‘electronic pop star’ working with voices like Jasmine Villegas (Justin Bieber’s Ex), Kreesha Turner and Jamie Scott (Graffiti 6).

Wally spins in Ibiza’s most select and exclusive clubs, those that you can only enter by invitation or by knowing someone in the Ibiza night scene. His name appears amongst the top DJ’s in the world and he is the only Spanish DJ to make 2 “essential remixes” on BBC1.

Pursued by corporations and sponsors (Pioneer, Red Bull, Oakley …), Pepsi Spain see him as a “top” artist on the same level as sponsorships like Beyoncé in the US. He is an Idol on the radio airwaves with his ‘Maxima FM’ spot and a guru in the social media world. Wally López is one of the undisputed Spanish stars in the world of EDM.

When did you decide that your life would be devoted to music?
It all began as a hobby and when I saw my career as a pilot cut short by my short-sightedness I decided to go for music 100%.

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What inspired you to create “Follow me!”?
Well, firstly it was due to the interest of EMI / Parlophone in supporting me if I embarked on this adventure….and the truth is that I was not inspired by anything in particular. I just wanted to bring my vision of contemporary pop to an album that would last in the memories of those who hear it.

How did the Follow Me presentation go in Ibiza? Are you happy with how it was received?
I always want more, but I’m happy seeing it was my first album. In Ibiza the presentation was absolutely brilliant.

You have the advantage of having several major sponsors who rely on your talent. For example Pepsi, who has produced the single “Now is the time” with the vocals of Jasmine Villegas. How does it feel to work under such a big corporation?
I don’t see it that way – for me they are part of the team, helping me to continue with my career. Pepsi are very supportive and I’m very happy about it.

What collaborations can be found in this work?
All kinds, but without a doubt my collaboration with Sister Bliss of Faithless I am extremely excited about, because of what it represents to me.

Will there be a ‘Wally Lopez before’ and a ‘Wally Lopez after’ Follow Me?
Yes and no (laughs). I think it’s another step in my career but I don’t think it will be a ‘before and after’.

Given that you’ve remixed very important people in your career … What is the remix you still dream of?
Madonna, without any hesitation!

You’ve been around the world on more than one occasion, what have these experiences contributed to you musically and personally?
Traveling has made me the person I am today, it has removed radical thoughts and made me focus my thoughts in a more comprehensive manner.

Do you have any habits or rituals inside the DJ booth?
I can’t DJ with a shirt, jumper or anything with long sleeves, and I normally remove my watch.

You started in radio, The Eagles, Top Radio, LocaFM, Flash, Max Fm … What are your memories of these times, what has stayed with you?
The truth is that all of my memories are positive and nice, I delete the bad ones and try to convert them to good! I’ve learnt a lot from all of these experiences and I am so glad to have had the opportunity of working for many years on the radio, which I love dearly.

Everyone talks about you as a pioneer of House music in Spain, how do you feel about this statement and how do you see the current situation of House music?
I’ve always said that I’m not pioneer of anything, but as I get older I do see some merit in my career and I hope that someday I will be recognized for this (laughing). To answer your second question, if I’m honest, I see the current situation of House quite poorly.

In Ibiza you DJ in The Tower of Ushuaia, undoubtedly one of the most exclusive places on the island. What does Ibiza mean to you and what is so special about it?
I also DJ in Lio and in Blue Marlin. These are the three top exclusive clubs on the island, no doubt. It gives me a new world and an audience that I’ve never had before.
Ibiza is the max…. it took me in its arms and I reciprocate with infinite love! ☺ I hope my son grows up there and can enjoy the totally different life that is Ibiza …. Children from all around the world playing together, fantastic!

You’re the owner of two record labels, a DJ school and Tremena, a T-shirt brand. How do you get the time to look after so many things?
The truth is that without my team Factomania Group it would be totally impossible to cover everything and carry out all these projects. From here, I send all my thanks and respect to them.

What is a typical day in the life of Wally Lopez?
Lately I divide my hours between going to the gym, making music and enjoying time with my son. As from January I will start traveling again, non-stop.

How would you describe yourself in just 5 words?
Person … who … lives … a … dream.

What does Wally Lopez have in mind for the future?
Remain being happy.

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