The long-awaited, first full trailer for Jurassic World has arrived! How do you protect the world from genetically modified dinosaurs? Send in a Star-Lord of course – well, Chris Pratt anyway. Released a couple of days early, the trailer for the fourth Jurassic Park film has notched up over 11 million views in just 24 hours!

(To watch this trailer in Creation 5, just tap here.)

The movie might not win awards for his scientific accuracy – its already facing tons of criticism from palaeontologists – but this sci-fi blockbuster does look like a thrilling ride. The sequel takes place 22 years after the events of the the very first Jurassic Park film, released in 1993. A new dinosaur safari park, Jurassic World, has been built out of the ruins of the original park on Isla Nublar.

As the trailer shows, visitors to the park can ‘enjoy’ all sorts of activities, like kayaking down a river with giant herbivores grazing on the banks, watch a Mosasaurus – an enormous prehistoric crocodile – eat dead sharks in a typical SeaWorld kind of show and ride around in ‘Gyroshperes’ allowing you to get real close to the dinosaurs.

Then it all starts to go terribly wrong when a genetically modified hybrid arrives. This lab-made creature is highly intelligent, can climb 40 foot walls and will kill anything that moves…As Chris Pratt’s character Owen says “You just went and made a new dinosaur? Probably not a good idea.”

Written and directed by Colin Trevorrow the film also stars The Help actress Bryce Dallas Howard. Steven Spielberg, who directed the first two films and was executive producer on the third, will executive produce this four-quel as well.

The Park is open June 12.