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Twerking is the dance craze of the moment, that’s for sure. Gradually, over the last few years it has worked its way into the music videos of leading artists of all race and colour. It may sound rude, yes, but you have to call a spade a spade. Twerking is basically moving your butt. Some do it with more grace than others and some have more cheek to do it with. Nicky Minaj, Miley Cyrus, Shakira and Rihanna are just some of the artists that have succumbed to the twerking craze (truth be told we haven’t found many examples of guys twerking). In this blog we intend to do a mini study on the subject – we’ll look at some of the best this year plus some classic videos on the subject. So get ready for an onslaught of unbridled butt shaking!

Before looking at the most obvious evidence of twerking in 2014, we will approach the subject scientifically, trying, first, to define the concept. The international community does not yet totally agree on the exact definition of “twerking” but we think we can shed some light on the subject with some actual data. 🙂


Twerking is an Anglo-Saxon word that means “the act of dancing provocatively with pelvic movements and clear sexual overtones”. The basic technique is to put your hands on your hips, bend your knees and moves your hips to the rhythm of the music. It’s quite similar to the famous “perreo” from reggaeton dance. Researchers have come to the conclusion that twerking also has some influences from African dances such as ‘mapouka’.

Its origin is the United States as part of hip hop culture in the early 90s. The word comes from the verb Twerk, according to the Oxford Dictionary, means “dance to popular music in a sexually provocative manner involving thrusting hip movements and a low, squatting stance..”

The seed of the dance has always been around … the Latin ‘perreo’ has many followers all over the world, but we can establish two events as the main sources of twerking that have taken over our recent world. First was Miley Cyrus’s memorable VMA performance in 2013 with Robin Thicke, and second was the release of the video “Pour It Up” by Rihanna in the same year. Two events that have changed the way we move our butts forever…

Rihanna – Pour It Up

And now let’s get right to the proof – examples of quality twerking so far this year. 

We start with Nicki Minaj, one of the greatest exponents of the twerking movement, who also has the butt to do it proper justice. Her latest video is a compendium of moving butts. “Anaconda” holds the new world record for the most views on YouTube within 24 hours. A clear indication of the interest that the rear end has awakened in the developed world…

Nicki Minaj – Anaconda

To lower our temperature a bit after Anaconda, this next example is far more elegant and less explicit – Taylor Swift and “Shake It Off”.

Taylor Swift – Shake It Off

Our next example, by the Texan singer Todrick Hall, has absolutely brilliant comic timing. The video is based on the classic movie “Singin ‘in the Rain” (1952), starring the legendary Gene Kelly. This time we are “Twerking in the Rain”…

Todrick Hall – Twerking in the Rain

We return with all guns blazing to a video featuring two great masterpieces in the art of twerking. The temperature will surely rise after seeing this “classic” featuring Shakira and Rihanna…

Shakira – Can’t Remember to Forget You ft. Rihanna

Mind you, although these stars make twerking look easy, it requires a fair bit of practice and serious training. Here we see Rihanna in a home video practicing the movements. Good twerking, like fame, comes at a price…

Rihanna Twerks To T Pain – Up Down Song

It’s high time that we give a Latin example in this study on twerking. The first, comes from the hand of the famous rapper, actress and Dominican model, The Materialist. We have our doubts about this video though – the line between twerking and perreo is very thin.”

La Materialista – La Chapa Que Vibran

We continue with Dominican artists and a collection of stunning close-ups of moving buttocks which are priceless…

Paramba Ft Musicologo & La Berunta – Pilonea (Remix)

Recently Miley Cyrus made a plea about twerking saying that it was originally invented by a man, by Elvis Presley to be exact. Miley said his hip movements didn’t generate so much controversy because he was a man. “Elvis was a sex symbol at the time, but nobody said anything against it because he wasn’t a girl, another example of double standards”, she said angrily in various media last week.

Looking back to last year – do you remember this surreal and comical view of twerking by the musical project Major Lazer? It’s way over the top!

Major Lazer – Bubble Butt (feat. Bruno Mars, 2 Chainz, Tyga & Mystic)

The young Australian rapper and superstar Iggy Azalea, is not far behind when it comes to showing strength in the field of twerking. Physical attributes are an advantage for Iggy as she shows off her mastery of the twerking technique in “Work”.

Iggy Azalea – Work

Now we go back to 2012 with “Express Yourself” by Diplo feat.Nicky Da – a clear example of how the butt movement has become a method of artistic expression…

Diplo feat. Nicky Da B – Express Yourself

We finish this review with a video dedicated to the main object that makes it possible to twerk: The Butt. Big Sean and Nicki Minaj tell you quite clearly and in several different languages…

Big Sean – Dance (A$$) Remix ft. Nicki Minaj

Wait! We haven’t quite finished yet. Before we close we have to look at two concepts that are rarely seen together: classical music and twerking. We’ll say no more…

Dvořák – Symphony No. 9 Allegro con Fuoco

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