Megan Nicole’s latest production Escape and accompanying video was presented via the 2015 YouTube Music Awards. Directed by Young Astronauts, it follows her in princess-like dresses as she escapes to the enchanted forests and waterfalls in some beautiful countryside. It get’s very Snow White and Cinderella-ish when the woodland creatures start befriending her – wolves, grizzly bears, birds and bunny rabbits alike.

Megan comments “I got to work with a great team of people and a bunch of amazing and cute critters! Hope you like it :)”

The video has gained almost 3 million views since it’s launch last week and her online fan base are in love with the Disney, magical feel to her new sound and visuals. So are we! The song is the title track from her debut album Escape, which was released last October and is available on iTunes.

Megan posted her very first video to YouTube in 2009 and she now has over 3 million subscribers – check out her channel here.

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