Beloved British pop star Jessie J has released a new music video for her uplifting single Flashlight, written by Sam Smith and Sia. Besides appearing on the soundtrack to Pitch Perfect 2, Flashlight is also featured in the movie as the finale in a breathtaking moonlit concert.

Before the concert you get to see Jessie J looking like one of the students in Barden University (aka the UCLA campus), rocking some leather overalls and belting out the beautiful track in the university gardens. Directed by Hannah Lux Davies, the video also shows a lot of unseen footage from the upcoming movie.

Jessie J premiered the video exclusively with ET online before uploading to Vevo the next day. In the interview with ET she talked about the song’s meaning: “I guess the ultimate feel behind the video and the concept is about giving someone something happy, you’re my flashlight,” she says. “Having someone that gives you light in moments of darkness.”

Pitch Perfect 2 hits cinemas on May 15.

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