Usher has just released his sexy new music video for She Came To Give It To You ft Nicki Minaj. Co-written and produced by Pharrell the clip features some brilliant dancing, a tarantula crawling on Minaj and Usher defying gravity…

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The majority of the video is filmed inside what seems to be some kind of illegal gambling den and a smoke filled night club. Usher has plenty of beautiful girls trying to grab his attention and just when things reach fever pitch Nicki Minaj struts onto the scene. She shows off her butt, of course, but mostly her front side and raps lines like: “When your girl come through, Nicki gone crush her, And tell your man play the back like a spine. He only last six seconds like a Vine.” Pharrell also makes a cameo appearance in the clip.

The dancing is phenomenal – something we’ve come to expect from Usher – and includes some impeccable shadow-dancing scenes. Nicki and Usher performed the sizzling hot track at the MTV Music Video Awards on Sunday last week.

She Came to Give it to You will be featured on Ushers next album, UR, which Usher has already said will be “freaking out of here”.

Warning: the video contains inappropriate language and may be NSFW.