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By January 31, 2014Music

An interview with Paco Osuna.

Paco Osuna, Spanish DJ/Producer and International Ambassador of techno/house, is admired for his constant striving towards creativity and innovation, while still keeping his music intelligently deep, dark and minimal – just the way we like it!

Not only has he played at major international events such as Sónar, WMC, Tomorrowland, Monegros, he’s also won countless awards and has been nominated ‘Best Artists’ & ‘Best Techno DJ’ multiple times. Over the years, Osuna has been involved in some groundbreaking projects that you might well have heard of:

Club4 – Osuna’s very own conceptual club in Barcelona, which was set up in Feb 2006 with Christian Smith, Marco Carola and Adam Beyer, and has seen the likes of Richie Hatwin & Carl Cox hit the decks and smash the floors!
Mindshake – Osuna’s very own label, which has become one of the most talked about labels in the US, and certainly has a solid roster of up-and-coming artists to look out for. The label’s aim is to provide the world with a “first-class experience in contemporary electronic music culture”.
ENTER. – Osuna has become a key figure and resident DJ at ENTER., the most sought after event in Ibiza. Masterminded by Richie Hawtin, under the brand and concept “Music. Sake. Technology. Experience”, ENTER. paves the way to “a crossroads of experience”!

As we enter 2014, Osuna is currently in the studio, putting all of his good vibes and artistry into a new album.

2013 has been a fantastic year for you – what has been the highlight?
Personally: definitely the birth of my son. To become a father has always been a dream for me.

Professionally: it’s been a highlight to see the trust and faith clubs and festivals all over the world have in me! Thanks to that, last year I played a lot more gigs than in previous years; I played in over 25 different countries and shared booths with some amazing artists whom I really respect.

The best moments though have been through Club4, the evolution of my agency B4Bookings and my Mindshake label, which have all done really well and have been the highlights of 2013.

You closed the 2013 Monegros Festival in the middle of the Spanish desert at sunrise. What was the most surreal part about it?
I have to say that closing Monegros was something very special for me. It’s a bit of a second home for me and I was conscious about the importance and the responsibility of closing a festival like that, and so I had prepared for it in my head for months. Every single moment of the gig was planned, from the beginning to the end.

The most surreal part about it was that a few days before Monegros I dreamt that the music went over during my set, and it actually happened to the artists that played before me. So I was really really nervous before I started playing!

Can you tell me a little bit about your residency at ENTER.?
Being part of ENTER. has been a great experience in every way. It means working with a great team and with people whom I have a very good relationship with. Even though the brand is all about Richie Hawtin, I live and love it like it were mine and I feel very much a part of it.

What made you choose to become part of ENTER.’s development? Was it thanks to Richie Hawtin and the people involved, or was it more to do with the concept behind it?
It’s a combination of all those things really. I’ve been working with Richie since 2006 both on his label and sharing booths… He is like family and is a person I’ve always admired and with whom I work with very well. We both think and act similarly when it comes to work and we know the importance of innovating musically. Also, we have a very transparent relationship and I can tell him very honestly what I think. It’s great to be part of a project in which the innovation in music is essential, because this is one of my strongest beliefs and it makes me feel very much a part of ENTER..

You have won a series of major prizes over the years and have established an important name for yourself worldwide. How does it feel to be regarded as the international ambassador for techno music in Spain?
It’s funny, because I don’t feel like the ambassador of techno music in Spain, I’m a DJ who plays all over the world and who exports his music to other countries. I feel proud to be part of the techno scene in Spain, but I don’t feel like I’m its most important asset. However, it’s nice to know that some people think that! Really though, what motivates me most is to continue to learn and improve.

Music is subjective. No doubt, your music touches people’s souls in different ways and a new story is told each time. What are the stories you communicate through your music?
I have a very personal style. I describe myself as the DJ who makes the party! My music is made to dance to. It’s lively music that makes people move. All my music is based on this idea, and I always try to improve it by adding new sounds and effects that connect with people and give them something new and special. The main thing is to be coherent with my style and with the moment. I communicate a different story depending on the country, the club, the moment, the duration of the set… Every gig requires its own story.
You’re a pioneer for music, always looking for innovation. How has your style evolved over the years and what were the key moments and reasons behind these progressions?
My style has evolved according my evolution as a person. My interests and preferences are not the same as they were 20 years ago. Also, I’ve always tried to take advantage of the developments in technology in order to create my own style. The key aspect in the evolution of my style is that I’m constantly searching for new ways of expression.

When you were first starting out, what were your driving forces and your greatest fears? If you had one piece of advice to give to young upcoming artists, what would it be?
I’ve always believed in myself and I know that with effort and hard work anything is possible. Since I started DJing, I’ve been very tenacious and I’ve always given my best. But it’s true that there is always the fear of not connecting with people while I’m playing. The best tips I can give to young artists are: work hard, be honest and never stop learning. You have to be patient and always be faithful to your principles and beliefs. Also, it’s very important to respect and love this profession and never forget that music is your best tool to express yourself with and to connect with your public.
Mindshake records – your label, your baby – is all about believing in young talent. Who are the ones to look out for? What’s the most exciting thing at the moment?
John Lagora, Lorenzo Bartoletti and Fer BR are three names to look out for without a doubt.

With regards to Mindshake, the most exciting thing at the moment is that it’s developing its own sound that allows people to identify the label.

What are your plans for 2014? What do you look forward to the most?
During January and February I’ll be in the studio, working on my new album. To produce is something that I really love and lately it’s become almost a privilege. It’s the best way to start the year, with new material for my upcoming gigs. From March, my plans are to keep sharing my music with people all over the world. Great events are waiting for me, like the Winter Music Conference, Sonar, ENTER. parties in Ibiza… I’ll be playing again in clubs and festivals that I adore and I hope to visit new ones and learn as much as possible.

Thanks Paco! Congratulations on the birth of your son! We look forward to hearing what’s coming next! ☺

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