The Big Screen Experience

By February 27, 2014Hot News

Enjoy the Big Screen experience with Creation 5! Here are 4 easy
steps for streaming music and video using DLNA or AirPlay.
SELECT A PLAYER. Firstly, choose your media
(music or video) from the main menu. Tap SELECT
PLAYER and choose a playback device – living room
TV, bedroom sound system, home cinema etc If
you’re using an iPhone or iPod, you’ll need to rotate
the device horizontally in order to see the player list.
CHOOSE THE SOURCE Select the blue Music or Video
button and tap Sources. The iPad or iPhone is your default
Source. If you have a NAS that contains music & videos, this
will automatically appear in the list of Sources.
STREAM & ENJOY Find the album, song or video
you’d like to watch, tap the title and press PLAY. If
you want to browse the folders of your NAS, enable
the ‘DLNA folder browsing’ filter.
DOWNLOAD & GO! You can download music &
videos from your NAS or DLNA server for offline
playback! When downloading songs, firstly add
them to a playlist and then select DOWNLOAD
For videos, just press and hold the name, then
choose DOWNLOAD from the options. You can
download MP4 format videos directly, other
formats require the Creation Movie Player
for conversion.
(Free download on the App Store)


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