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By February 20, 2014Hot News

Here are some Hot Tips for using our very cool Radio feature.
SEARCH. With over 40,000 radio stations
to choose from we’ve made it simple to select
one – search by the artist you’d like to hear.
LISTEN. Like the song? Creation 5 will find the
YouTube video clip for you – just press and hold the song
title and choose YOUTUBE VIDEO from the options.
DOWNLOAD. Like the music video? Want to keep it
in your collection? Press and hold the song title
and choose DOWNLOAD from the options and it’s yours!
Now you can watch it offline, even when you’re travelling
and have no internet connection.
(You’ll find the downloaded video in your Video Favourites folder)
SAVE & SHARE. Loving a particular radio station?
Save it to your favourites so you can hit the same
grooves tomorrow! Just press ‘Add Station to Your Favourites’
and you’re done! You can also share the station with your friends
by pressing the ‘Share’ button.


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