The Rainbow Cinema

By September 5, 2014Hot News

Here at Creation we have always preferred class to the whims of fashion. We would rather have our outfits bespoke than wear the latest designer label. We like our whisky aged in casks, our shoes hand made, the art in our homes commissioned and our cigars imported from Cuba. It’s all about making a statement of style.


The same principle applies when it comes to enjoying our free time. If you are movie buffs like we are, then you will be spending a considerable amount of your spare time in your Home Cinema, so why not let your imagination run riot a little?

The team at Creation has come up with the Rainbow Cinema, which we reckon would suit flamboyant French fashionista Jean Paul Gaultier down to the ground. And it could be yours for just 2.3 million dollars.

With Creation the possibilities to make your own style statement in your home cinema are endless. With the obvious 4k 3D projector and state-of-the-art 16 channel surround sound DTS-HD Master you have the world’s best sound experience. Add the Creation On Screen Menu for intuitive control of the Big Screen and you can just relax and enjoy the show! What more can you ask for?


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