President Barack Obama is the latest star to (sort of) give Bruno Mars and Mark Ronson’s song the cover treatment. Obama shows us yet again he’s just too hot for us!

A talented YouTuber, Fadi Saleh, has spent hours putting together this incredible dubbed cover of the current chart topping hit, Uptown Funk, using interview footage of the US President.

Known as “barackdubs” on YouTube, Fadi puts together two of these dubbed cover songs every month! On his YouTube Channel he says “I put words in people’s mouths. baracksdubs mashes together presidential speeches to the tune of popular music, based on fan requests. If the president sings it, it’s a worthy song. Have a suggestion for a song? Tweet the suggestion with the hashtag #baracksdubs.”

We can’t help wondering whether the President watches these himself…we’re sure he would love them!

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