One Direction finally released their hugely anticipated video for Steal My Girl yesterday, starring Hollywood legend Danny DeVito. The surreal video also stars sumo wrestlers, ballerinas, Maasai warriors, a marching band, a cute chimpanzee, a’s amazing and bizarre at the same time. The music video seems to have absolutely nothing to do with the song but its a spectacular visual anyway, just roll with it…

(To watch this video in Creation 5, just tap here.)

One Direction have been teasing clips for the past week and when they finally released the video, it was incredible that servers didn’t crash from the assault of hundreds of thousands of fans going online to watch it. YouTube views are currently standing at almost 5 million after just 24 hours.

Danny DeVito plays the Director of the boys music video and in a rather amusing beginning lectures them on why they are assembled together in the desert: “Gentlemen! Why are we here? We’re here in the name of art! We’re here to commit ourselves to a higher form of expression…I’ve seen your work and today, we’re going to take it to a new level! We’ve come to the most barren place on earth, to create! Today, we bring life to the desert!” He then goes on to label each of the boys with a symbol – Love (Harry), Light (Niall), Power (Liam), Danger (Louis) and Mystery (Zayn).

The use of the animals, especially the chimpanzee, has caused a bit of a scandal with PETA up in arms about it. In an open letter addressed to Niall Horan, Zayn Malik, Liam Payne, Harry Styles and Louis Tomlinson, PETA told the pop stars that they are “concerned about reports that a chimpanzee, a lion and other wild and exotic animals were used in a new One Direction video. You may not know that animals used for entertainment productions, including music videos, endure horrific cruelty and suffer from extreme confinement and violent training methods.”

Controversy aside, One Direction are now gearing up for their 2015 tour to support their new album Four. General tickets go on sale November 1st – although fans have a chance to purchase pre-sale by visiting the One Direction Facebook page on October 29.