LunchMoney Lewis recently released his video for his debut single Bills, and it’s pretty true to life and hilarious. Though be warned, once you listen to it you won’t be able to get it out of your head! It’s already gone to Nº1 in Australia and has amassed 2 million views on YouTube since it’s release just a month ago.

The video takes a light hearted approach to the usual struggles most of us face in our daily life, and the upbeat track is a constant quick tempo to which we need to get shit done. Literally. By the end of it all he’s yelping in a neck-deep pile of bills, responsibilities and eviction notices. You can’t help but laugh, and it’s the perfect song to keep you going when you’re ready to tap out.

Lewis came up in the scene after he was featured on Nicki Minaj’s sexy dance track Trini Dem Girls off her latest album The Pinkprint. He also co-wrote Burnin’ Up for Jessie J and Bo$$ for Fifth Harmony. We expect and hope to be seeing a lot more of him this year, we’re rooting for you Lewis! You’ve got mouths to feed after all.

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