The beloved Will Smith turns 46 today! What a jam-packed career he’s had, being a music star, movie star and managing his celebrity family. In April 2007, Newsweek called him the most powerful actor in Hollywood.

Though we are far from the days when Will was known as ‘The Fresh Prince’, we are using todays #ThrowbackThursday to take us through time to the early 90s. We can see hip-hop rap has not changed all that much in the last 20 odd years, as this song by Will Smith ”The Fresh Prince” and DJ Jazzy Jeff is still all about butts… and shaking them.

”Boom! Shake The Room” started a 2 week run at Nº1 in the UK back when it was released in July of 1993. It was the second single from their fifth studio album, ”Code Red.” The song also peaked at number thirteen on The Billboard Hot 100. There were many mixes made of the song, we present the most famous of them all: The Street Mix.