The iPhone 6 and the Apple Watch

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Yesterday during a keynote presentation in Cupertino, California, Apple unveiled the iPhone 6, the iPhone 6 Plus and the Apple Watch. It was quite a presentation. It’s the biggest advance in the history of iPhone and the most desirable wearable we’ve ever, ever seen.

Size and Display

The screen on the iPhone 6 is 4.7 inches in size, with 1334 x 750 resolution, which is basically equivalent to a 720p Android phone. The iPhone 6 Plus, which uses an even bigger Full HD, 1080p with 5.5-inch screen.
The iPhone 6 isn’t just bigger than the 5s it’s way better. It has a smooth metal surface that seamlessly meets with the gorgeous Retina HD display. Both models are IPS and feature improved colour reproduction.

The iPhone 6 although a bigger handset is not huge at all, sizing in at just 6.9mm thick. The iPhone 6 Plus is slightly bigger, measuring 7.1mm thick.


The chip inside is a brand new A8 processor which Apple says is up to 50x faster than the original iPhone. The motion coprocessor is also updated with a new M8 unit to sit alongside the A8 which measures your steps, movement and even elevation. Nike will update its running app to track how high and low you are running.

Battery Life

Battery life is hugely improved – see the stats below. The iPhone 6 Plus scores here with a significantly longer battery life than its smaller sibling – perhaps because it can hold a bigger battery.



8-megapixel sensor, a true tone flash and an even faster aperture.

Apple has introduced something called ‘Focus Pixels’ that allow the handset to use ‘phase detection auto focus’ which basically means a two-times increase in speed over the older-generation iPhone.

Face detection is improved for focusing, it uses digital image stabilization, and optical image stabilization which will make it even better at capturing photos in low light.

Slow motion is also improved, doubling from 120 fps to a full 240 fps. Time lapse video is also built into iOS 8 (hooray!), and continuous autofocus is now possible using the new iSight sensor, while shooting video.


iPhone 6 has faster LTE download speeds and supports more LTE bands than any other smartphone so you can roam in more places. When you’re connected to Wi-fi you’ll get up to 3x faster speeds.

We are delighted to hear that Wi-Fi calling has been built in and very conveniently the phone will seamlessly switch between 4G and Wi-Fi wherever possible, so that you get the best call quality. You won’t know it’s happening either.

Apple Pay

This will change how we pay for things forever. Contactless payment technology is here. No more searching for your wallet, no more stressing over finding the right card. No more swiping and waiting – it all happens with a single touch. It’s quick (seconds), easy (all the info is in your phone) and really secure.
To pay, all you do is hold your iPhone near the contactless reader with your finger on Touch ID. That’s it…! You don’t even have to look at the screen to know your payment has been made – a subtle vibration and beep lets you know.
And if you ever lose your phone you just use Find My iPhone to quickly put your device in Lost Mode so that nothing is accessible, or you can choose to wipe the device clean.

iOS 8

The world’s most advanced operating system has made a huge leap as well. It’s really, really smart. You can now do things you could only imagine before, like using Siri to control the devices in your home or using your health and fitness app to contact your doctor. Here’s a brief list of what’s new:
• Add voice or video to any message
• See a clear picture of your health from a dashboard that’s updated daily
• The keyboard has just got really smart, typing is way easier, with contextually appropriate suggestions based on who you are typing to and in what app.
• All your favourite people can access your favourite things – family sharing on iTunes for up to 6 family members
• Introducing iCloud Drive for any kind of file on all of your devices
• Smarter notifications – act on notifications without leaving the app you are in
• Search also got smarter – it now looks beyond your device and considers context and location to give you the most accurate results

Both models are available in gold, silver and space grey starting from $199.

For more information on the iPhone 6 and the iPhone 6 Plus visit the Apple website.

Introducing iPhone 6 and 6 Plus

Apple Watch

There is so much to say about this new wearable. To start with, it’s the hottest thing we’ve ever laid eyes on. Before the presentation yesterday in California, not one of the Creation Team were particularly interested in the Apple Watch. After the presentation we were already deciding which one we were going to have. Impressed is an understatement. The only bad thing about it is we have to wait till early 2015 before we can get our hands on one.

First off – it’s gorgeous. Rolex eat your heart out. This is a highly desirable watch. It might be “just a gadget” but its so intimate and personal that it has entered it’s own category. It represents a new chapter in the relationship people have with technology. As Apple say “It’s the most personal product we’ve ever made, because it’s the first one designed to be worn”.

Made for Everyone

A device you wear, by definition has to be vastly different than one you carry around. The Apple Watch is available in three distinctive collections:

Apple Watch – Stainless steel or space black stainless steel cases. Sapphire crystal. A range of stylish bands.

Apple Watch Sport – Anodized aluminum cases in silver or space gray. Strengthened Ion-X glass. Colorful, durable bands.

Apple Watch Edition – 18-karat gold cases in yellow or rose. Sapphire crystal. Exquisitely crafted bands and closures.


Powerful technology

The Apple Watch is basically a remarkable feat of engineering. The crown (or dial/wheel as some people call it) is a standard feature on watches. The Apple Watch has a Digital Crown, which is a multifunctional input device that lets you zoom, scroll, and select without covering the screen with your fingers. It’s as integral to Apple Watch as the the mouse is to Mac. The Home screen lets you quickly find your favorite apps and the force-sensitive Retina display puts more functionality at your fingertip.

Precisely perfect

Keeping accurate time is pretty important for a timepiece. Apple Watch uses multiple technologies to keep time within 50 milliseconds of the definitive global time standard. It automatically adjusts to the local time when you travel and presents time in a more meaningful, personal context by sending you notifications and alerts relevant to your life and schedule.

We were blown away by notifications – you feel pressue, like a gentle tap, on your wrist (incoming notification) so you raise your wrist to see what it is – as you raise your wrist the screen lights up to show you the notification, which you can act on or dismiss/delay.

Health and Fitness Companion

Apple Watch delivers a complete picture of your all-day physical activity. The three rings of the Activity app show your progress at a glance, helping you to sit less, move more, and get some exercise. You know how many calories you’ve burned and how active you’ve been – at a glance. There’s also a separate Workout app for dedicated fitness sessions. Over time, Apple Watch will suggest personalized daily fitness goals and encourage you to achieve them.

Unless you actually see it working you won’t believe how amazing it is. Check out the video!

Jony Ive presents the Apple Watch

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