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“If you’re feeling a bit grumpy, put this on, you’ll be smiling in minutes – It’s just a big chunk of joy!” says Ashley Slater (The Hip).

Scarlett Quinn (Kitten) and Ashley Slater (The Hip) first joined forces in 2011 to form the eclectic electro-swing/funk/R&B act, Kitten & The Hip. Their first album, “Hello Kitten”, released on April 21st 2014, is a loud burst of fun and happiness. “As songwriters, we want to make hits and we’re not afraid to go there”, says Slater. Musically elevated, lyrically outspoken and seductively catchy, the duo has fallen nothing short of its goals and has at least 5 hits in the can. Listening to this album will quite simply make you feel damn good!


Their debut single, “Don’t You Worry”, with its slapstick lyrical content and catchy melody, was sent to Hedkandi and signed more or less instantly. Its pop-tastic core with its punch of classical jazz, foot-tapping vocals, lovely vinyl pops and melodious trombone licks give the piece so much dynamism and vitality – no wonder Hedkandi signed immediately.

Don’t You Worry (Play this video in Creation 5)

Without further ado, Kitten & The Hip released their second single, “Shut Up and Dance”, in which Kitten shows off her organically powerful voice in a speedy, up-tempo, tongue-twister-esque melody, and The Hip reveals he’s a virtuoso scat-man. A killer retro tune that captures that feel-good summer vibe!

Shut Up and Dance (Play this video in Creation 5)

“Don’t Touch The Kitten” is the lead single from the album “Hello Kitten”. Kitten’s sexy, powerful and independent tone, gives the track a theatrical feel, accompanied by a kick-ass brass orchestra, that yields a bigger and fuller sound, sonically evoking a 007 soundtrack. Kitten adopts the aura and ruthless air of a sassy Bond girl.

Don’t Touch The Kitten (Play this video in Creation 5)

“Shake It Out” is the definition of the electro-swing genre. While the body of the song conjures an image of a 1940’s dancehall, packed with young folks swinging to the beat with giant smiles chiselled across their faces, the track breaks down at the bridge to convey the positive electronic elements of today’s dub dance scene in a sophisticated manner. A smart and elegant dance song that mixes old times with the new.

While the lyrics are poignantly brilliant in “By My Side”, Kitten shows off her insane voice, as she mimics the theatrics of a West End show. “The Rain”, with its speedy pace, also puts Kitten’s vocals up on a pedestal, as she powers through what Kitten & The Hip have referred to as a song that “a lot of people would relate to”. In “Bang Bang”, originally written for the Dub Pistols, The Hip’s deep vocals, bold attitude and Kitten’s cheeky swagger, come together to form a rhythmically catchy and lyrically witty ensemble. What’s more, “I’m UR MF”, with Rory Hoy, is a fantastic, fast-moving and groovy track.

08.5.kittenhip-2 08.5.kittenhip-3

All in all, the album is a pure breath of fresh air. It has a grand sound and magnetic energy, its blunt lyrical content with its crisp delivery, Kitten’s incredible and versatile vocals, and The Hip’s old-school, groovy and funky jazz influences, come together to form a strong musical package of universal appeal. With absolute certainty, the duo’s distinctive sound is sure to make them stand out from the crowd.

“Obviously you’re gonna get people who don’t like it, but I think most people will find something to like on the album. I’ve made a lot of records in my life and I’m the most proud of this one out of all the them”, says Ashley Slater (The Hip), famous for his work with Norman Cook (aka Fatboy Slim) in the band FreakPower.

“We’ve been really blown away by the response to our album – it’s better than we could have dreamed of. But now it needs to crossover” says the confident Kitten & The Hip. “So put it on, have a dance, have a laugh, make some love, like it, share it, talk about it!”

08.5.kittenhip-5 Hello Kitten – Track listing
All About Me
Shake It Out
Don’t Touch the Kitten
Shut Up and Dance
By My Side
Love Is a Stranger
Jeremy Kyle

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