DJ Deorro had the biggest hit of his young career with last year’s Five Hours. A new version, now called Five More Hours, adds vocals from Chris Brown. Deorro and Brown seem like an unlikely pair – an American electro-house producer and DJ, who incorporated Melbourne bounce into his music, working with one of the world’s biggest R&B/pop acts. But it’s not the first time Brown has dabbled in this kind of music – Breezy has been known to use a few straight EDM beats. He sung on David Guetta’s I Can Only Imagine and also Benny Benassi’s Beautiful People.

“Sometimes I just make music and I don’t even know what I’m making,” Derro told Rolling Stone in an interview last year. “Who knows? I might start it off as an electro song and it ends up as an R&B song because I thought it sounded better with a different kind of kick pattern.”

These kicks are manipulated vocal snippets that he records into his phone. “I don’t want to go through patches and presets and allow someone else to create a sound and I later on find it in the bank or something. I create every sound by myself with literally just my voice and my iPhone. That’s taught me how to sound design. When you’re on presets, you’re really not learning anything. And it’s so cool to show the world that – that you can do whatever you want with sound.”

In the colourful video Brown is on his way to Coachella when his car breaks down. Fortunately for him a bus on it’s way to Coachella, driven by Deorro and packed with gorgeous girls, gives him a lift. The party gets started on the bus and never stops…Brown shows off his dance skills in the clip – certainly some of the tightest dance moves you’ll ever see by someone waring a tye-dye Grateful Dead T-Shirt!

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