Korean Broadcasting System (KBS) have lifted their ban on Dal Shabet‘s new title track Joker. The reason they banned it is surprising – it’s not the sexy dancing or the sexy outfits, it was the lyrics that caused KBS to deem the video inappropriate, and they really were inappropriate.

In Korean “Joker” is pronounced as “joh-kuh” which is emphasized in Dal Shabet’s song as like “jot”, which means dick or cock. “Kuh” means big, so they were essentially singing about big cocks:

“Fill my heart from top to bottom,
I wanna, gimmie wanna baby, gimmie wanna baby, big cock, big cock,
I wanna, show me wanna baby, show me wanna baby, big cock, big cock.”


So now you understand the problem! Happy Face Entertainment, the agency that looks after the 6-piece girl group Dal Shabet, re-submitted a modified version of the song with several of the lines changed and KBS lifted the ban. With the lifted ban and modified lyrics the group are set to perform their comeback stage tonight  (April 24) on Music Bank.

The track comes from the girls 8th ‘mini’ album Joker is Alive and blends a retro-sounding horn section with some Britney-esque crooning and a beat that would get most people onto the dance floor.

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