For Conor Maynard’s last single, Talking About, he teamed up with Craig David, for this new single, Royalty, he joined forces with Labrinth. “He knew exactly what he wanted to create, in such detail that it took us three hours to record the first verse,” Maynard said on working with Labrinth.

“I had to sing in a swing/jazz style, which I never imagined I’d even attempt. Royalty really does sound like nothing else out there, which is such a rare quality in pop.”

Conor Maynard burst onto the music scene just four years ago as a YouTube sensation. He performed covers of well-known songs and they were so good that his viewing figures rose exponentially. Conor was especially happy when Timberlake – one of his favourite artists – watched his cover of Senorita and approved.

It didn’t take long before he was approached by record companies and in 2012 he collaborated with Pharrell Williams on his first album Contrast and found success in the UK and the US. This highly successful first album had an incredible four top 10 singles – Can’t Say No, Vegas Girl, Turn Around, and Animal. He now has nearly 700,000 subscribers on his YouTube channel and the first single from his upcoming album, Talking About, got 800,000 views in under a month.

Royalty is released on July 5 through Parlophone Records.

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