Apple's WWDC 2015 - How to stream it and what we're expecting

Apple's WWDC (Worldwide Developers Conference) is one of two highlights of the year for the tech giant (the other being the iPhone launch event).

WWDC 2015 is kicking off in just 5 days, and all of Apple's software partners and the world's media get together for Apple's new product announcements. They typically include new versions of iOS and OS X and hardware revisions across the board. This year, a new Apple TV seems very likely as well, given that the image on their invitation closely resembles an Apple TV box (see the rounded black square?).

WWDC 2015 will take place from 8-12 June, at the Moscone Center in San Francisco. The date was all but confirmed way back in 2014, just after WWDC closed its doors - 5 days had already been booked under the Corporate Event title on the Moscone Center's website, an alias that Apple has always used for booking WWDC.

Here's a quick guide on how to live stream WWDC 2015 on any device, as well as our expectations based on the rumor mill.

How to stream WWDC 2015 live

There are a number of ways to watch WWDC 2015 live. As always, Apple will stream live coverage on their website at apple.com/live on Monday at 10am PDT (5pm GMT).

Mac, iPhone or iPad: This is the easiest option: simply visit apple.com/live. You'll need to use the Safari browser (any other browser will be denied access) on at least iOS 6 or OS X Mountain Lion 10.8.5. If your device doesn't support these, try another method.

Apple TV: It's only natural to watch WWDC on the Apple TV, given that it's bound to take center stage this year. Fire up your Apple TV and go to the WWDC channel. You'll need a second or third generation Apple TV running at least version 6.2.

Non-Apple devices: WWDC 2015 can only be streamed by Apple products. Luckily, the powerful VLC media player for Windows, Linux and Android can easily decode the livestream.

Download the application, fire it up and go to Media > Open Network Stream (on Windows, hit Ctrl+N). A text box will pop up, where you can paste the following link, then hit Play.


This is the link used by the Apple TV to download the live stream, so it won't work until the event begins (at 10am PDT or 5pm GMT).

Other methods: If you own an unsupported Apple device, or can't download VLC for whatever reason, there are still other ways to view the live stream. Twitter's Periscope app, which allows users to broadcast live videos, will certainly have a few WWDC streams going on. There are also more obscure streaming websites that will feature the event, though you'll have to dig through Google to find them.

What to expect at WWDC 2015

As we already mentioned, we're expecting a big update to the Apple TV. Previously, Apple has always given us previews of new iOS and Mac OS X updates, so iOS 9 and the new OS X are likely. We're suspecting updates to the MacBook Pro 15, iMac and Mac Pro as well. Let's not forget Apple's new music service, which has slowly been acquiring more and more streaming rights these past few months. It will unlikely keep the Beats Music name, instead adopting Apple Music or iTunes Music.

Apple TV

The Apple TV has gone a long time without being updated. The event's slogan, "The epicenter of change", also follows all the latest rumors - that the Apple TV will become the central hub of your home. HomeKit - Apple's dive into the Internet of Things - will let us control every aspect of our home, and is rumored to feature on the new Apple TV. Homekit was initially "launched" back at WWDC 2014, though it's taken developers an entire year to meet Apple's standards and begin selling products.

An App Store is also rumored, opening the Apple TV up to iOS apps (including games!). At the moment, gaming on the Apple TV is awkward and clumsy. This might open the doors to split-screen multiplayer games and other fun features. With the huge number of games on the App Store, it wouldn't take long to populate the Apple TV.

Apple's on-demand subscription TV service, however, probably won't make an appearance at WWDC. Following many setbacks, it seems this may get delayed until the iPhone launch event.

iOS 9

The next operating system for the iPad and iPhone will certainly be previewed at WWDC. Many webpages have already been seeing devices running iOS 9.0 visiting their sites, so it's likely far into its testing stage.

Developers will be given a taste of iOS 9's new features. Rumors suggest that stability and optimization improvements are the focus of iOS 9, rather than a fancy new interface or killer features. Other rumors say iOS 9 will even support the iPhone 4S, while giving it a much-needed speed boost over iOS 8.

New features are rumored to include an improved version of Siri, providing predictive assistance similar to Google Now, public transit directions in Apple Maps, a dedicated iCloud Drive app, updates to Swift (iOS' new programming language) and updated security.

Mac OS X 10.10

There haven't been any rumors about the latest update to Mac OS X. As Yosemite is still quite recent, we're not expecting any major overhauls - just performance and stability optimizations. With the release of Windows 10, however, Apple may have kept their tricks to themselves.

New Macs

Apple has always shown new Macs off at previous WWDC events, and we're expecting an update to their line of MacBook Pros, most likely the 15 inch model, using Intel's new Haswell processors.

A new Mac Pro is in order, seeing as the last update was back in 2013.

New iMacs could be on the horizon. Apple introduced the iMac back in July last year, and the 5K Retina iMac last October, leaving the rest untouched in over two years.

Apple Music

It's been rumored that a new music streaming service would be launched using Beats Music as it's foundation. Apple has seen some setbacks in talks with record labels, so an Apple Music launch may be delayed until fall.

We'll be posting a complete summary to Apple's WWDC 2015 event, so check back on June 9!

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