Who are the highest paid celebrities?

Katy Perry and One Direction have been knocked off the top spot of Forbes’ highest-paid celebrities list. Floyd Mayweather and Manny Pacquiao met earlier this year in a hugely-hyped boxing match, and now top the annual list with earnings of $300m and $160m respectively.

Perry and One Direction hold onto the next two spots with $135m and $130m each, so still not bad! Taylor Swift ties with Robert Downey Jr in 8th place with $80m each. Well, at least Swift and Harris made the top of the highest-earning celebrity couples list.


Here are the top 15 highest-earning celebrities according to Forbes:

1. Floyd Mayweather - $300m
2. Manny Pacquiao - $160m
3. Katy Perry - $135m
4. One Direction - $130m
5. Howard Stern - $95m
6. Garth Brooks - $90m
7. James Patterson - $89m
8. (tie) Robert Downey Jr - $80m
8. (tie) Taylor Swift - $80m
10. Cristiano Ronaldo - $79.5m
11. Rush Limbaugh - $79m
12. Ellen DeGeneres - $75m
13. Lionel Messi - $74
14. The Eagles - $73.5m
15. Dr Phil McGraw - $70m

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