The Best of Glastonbury 2015

Glastonbury is over for another year and almost 200,000 dazed and exhausted festival goers have returned home. Glastonbury is so much more than the headliners - it’s the vibe, the unique atmosphere and the experiences that you’ll never get anywhere else. Here we present the best images of the weekend and our favourite performances.



The performers that were most popular this year were Lionel Richie, Pharrell Williams, Paloma Faith and Florence and the Machine. Kanye West headlined on Saturday and opinion was divided over his performance. He announced that he was the "the greatest living rockstar on the planet" and then had to contend with an intruder onstage pretending to be Lee Evans.

First time festival goer Shelley Jones said: "Kanye West was definitely not a highlight. People say Glastonbury's not just about the headliners. I didn't really understand that before, but I get it being here. There's a lot more to it than the headliners."


Music fan Steve Jones, had not been to the festival since 2002. "It's changed loads," he says. "I think the legends' slot is now the headline slot. Looking at Kanye, the field was half empty.


Lionel Richie gave a stunning performance in the Legends Spot. If a poll on Digital Spy is anything to go by he was the most popular performer in the whole festival. It was the veteran’s star first time at Glastonbury and he sang all his greatest hits including Running with the Night, Three Times a Lady and Say You Say Me. The Dancing on the Ceiling, performance was brilliant - we’ve included it in our playlist, which you can find at the end of this article.


The Who closed the festival last night (Sunday June 28) with an electric headline slot. Their first song was their 1978 single Who Are You and the rest of the set was peppered with classics like The Kids Are Alright, Pinball Wizard, Behind Blue Eyes and My Generation before ending with an explosive performance of Won't Get Fooled Again. They referenced Kanye West’s claim that he was "the greatest living rockstar on the planet", with Townshend saying, "We're gonna send you home now with a rebellious 'who's the biggest f**king rockstar in the world?' ... It must be Elvis Presley."


This year the Dali Lama showed up during Patti Smith’s set and the crowd sang Happy birthday to him.

The BBC compiled comments from this year’s festival goers who revealed their highlights and lowlights from the weekend - from the star performances to the weather and the toilets. You can read it here.

Below are our favourite images of the crowd, the people and the unique Glasto atomosphere. Scroll down to the bottom for our Best Of Glastonbury 2015 playlist.

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