Slapjack with Jason Statham

Last week the Spy star Jason Statham appeared on The Tonight Show and got slapped by Jimmy Fallon not just once, but twice and dramatically fell to the floor after each blow! Slapjack, as Fallon explains, is the same as Blackjack, except on each hand the loser gets slapped by the winner with a giant rubber hand.

Fallon wins the first round and goes to slap Statham so hard that he falls straight off his seat - it looks like he really smacked the crap out of him! Even Fallon gets a little freaked: "That's not true! That's not true! I didn't hit you that hard!" shouts Fallon. "That's ridiculous! I did not hit him that hard, I did not hit you that hard! This is a foam hand, it's not real! That's not real at all. This is a fake hand, that was a fall!"

This was the fourth time that Fallon and Statham have faced-off in a little late-night game silliness - with Statham previously winning the other challenges which were an arm-wrestling contest, water war and a giant hamster ball race.

Fallon actually beat Statham again but is wise enough to let Statham have a slap at the end of the game, just for fun.

Watch the silliness above, or tap here to watch in C5.

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