C5 and C1 are the new buzz in entertainment apps

The new buzz in entertainment apps

C1 & C5 are causing quite a stir in the app world as they’re the only two apps on the market today that offer DLNA/Chromecast/Airplay/Bluetooth for Apple Watch. They are a complete entertainment package. Big Screen addicts take note!

C5 is the definitive Big Screen music and entertainment app and C1 offers lightning fast music recognition. Both have a button that takes you straight to the other. They work independently as well, but together they’re like peaches ‘n’ cream!

C5 is more than 5 apps in one, with it’s most powerful and popular function being it’s ability to work with DLNA and Chromecast. It’s also a stylish music app, and a 40,000-radio-stations-to-choose-from app. It’s a video app, with handy features like finding YouTube music videos for every song in your library, it’s a streaming app and a photo app. All this – music, radio, video, photos – can be cast straight to your TV. DLNA networks are automatically found, so if you have music stored on a NAS you’ll be in seventh heaven. This monster media app was originally designed in 2012 for the Bang & Olufsen BeoSound 5 – for connoisseurs of fine sound – and now works as stand alone app. Read more about C5 and the Apple Watch.

C1 is a baby compared to C5 as it only has one function – music recognition – and for that reason it’s lightning fast and a serious competitor for the likes of Shazam and Soundhound. It works offline as well and reveals your searches once you have internet again. The uncluttered, simple interface is über cool, a cross between Apple, Aston Martin and Jean Paul Gaultier. Read more about C1.

So if you’re in the car without internet and hear a song you love on the radio, tap C1 to find out what it is. Arrive home open C5, tap Find Music Video, then cast it to your TV and share your discovery. Simples.

We can’t wait to see what C2, C3 & C4 will bring us! Watch this space.

C1 & C5 are available for all iOS devices including Apple Watch. Both are available in 12 languages. You can download them for free on the App Store.
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