Fleetwood Mac – Hold Me

#ThrowbackThursday - We go back to 1982 when Fleetwood Mac started a five-week run at Nº1 on the US album chart with Mirage, the groups fourth studio album and their third US Nº1. Hold Me was the first track to be released from the album and it went straight to Nº4 and stayed there for seven consecutive weeks! This song was inspired by Christine McVie's relationship with Beach Boys drummer Dennis Wilson.


The music video is quite surreal featuring the band in the Mojave Desert and based on several René Magritte paintings. Due to the band members' strained relationships at the time, the video shoot was "a fucking nightmare" according to producer Simon Fields. "[They] were, um, not easy to work with" agreed director Steve Barron. “It was so hot, and we weren't getting along" recalls Stevie Nicks. Lindsey Buckingham was still not over their breakup six years earlier, nor her subsequent affair with Mick Fleetwood. Further, she elaborates, the rest of the band was angry with Fleetwood because he had then begun an affair with Nicks' best friend, who left her husband as a result, causing serious issues for Nicks.


"Four of them—I can't recall which four—couldn't be together in the same room for very long. They didn't want to be there", says Barron. "Christine McVie was about ten hours out of the makeup trailer. By which time it was getting dark." According to Fields, "John McVie was drunk and tried to punch me. Stevie Nicks didn't want to walk on the sand with her platforms. Christine McVie was fed up with all of them. Mick thought she was being a bitch, he wouldn't talk to her."

The video was not fantastic, but it was a fresh Fleetwood Mac video, which in 1982 was good enough for MTV, who were desperate for new videos by rock artists, especially established ones.

Watch the video above. C5 users: you will find this video under 'Playlists > Throwback Sessions'

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